The Misconception of The Term “Soulmate”

The Misconception of The Term “Soulmate”

written by: Nyra Capurso
by: Nyra Capurso
Soulmate Soulmate

The dictionary is full of so many words. Each word has its own nuance and purpose. Mankind takes these words and puts them use in all manners that are appropriate. At least appropriate to the man/woman using them.

For the past several months, the term "soulmate" and "twin flame" have been the topics at hand in my daily conversations. As a spiritual advisor, I get these phrases put in my ear all the time. "He's my soulmate." "We had such a wonderful connection, now he doesn't call me." "Why?"

There is also the term "twin flame" that comes to play. The conversations often start off with some new age terms. "Oh, he is my twin flame. Our kundilinis were one and the stars were aligned when we met. I know we are going to get married. Issue is why did he steal money and smack me in the face?" Yeah, that's some scary stuff right there.

Funny thing is, is that these callers can use all the metaphysical verbiage in the world but still fail to understand the full meaning of them. When I was studying the origins of the "soulmate/twin flame", I received a clear understanding of the terms. Soulmates are not always going to your spouse and often come in different shapes, sizes and spiritual lessons.

One New Year's Eve, I was in Atlantic City. I was sitting at a bar having a conversation with a gentleman. We were talking about love and he asked me if I had a soulmate. I told him yes but he was not human. My soulmate was my parrot Tippie. The gentleman smiled and told me that was fantastic. I thought so too.

Tippie came to me on Christmas Eve 2001. I found him the day after visiting my grandfather. It had been 17 years since I'd seen him. During a very loving conversation, my grandfather asked me if I was lonely. I told him not really and we left it that.

The next day I come home from a great massage to find a beautiful black-masked lovebird. Three days later my grandfather died. My mother said he died with my name in his mouth. I cried like a baby.

Tippie stayed with me another six years. Before he passed on, I felt him tell me that he would return. 16 years later, I have two budgies and yellow-sided conure who looks just like Tippie.

There was another budgie, Henri, my blue budgie soulmate, who I also found in the street. He passed on three years ago. The truest alignment of soulmate energy I have ever experienced was extension of love, grace and life with my parrots. I will not forget to mention a dog named Sasha. That is another story for another time.

The above story is a beautiful soulmate story that I have cherished for close to twenty years. Of course, I have had other soulmate experiences that have not been so gentle. Luckily, though, I left them with wisdom and integrity because I understood how the "soulmate" energy worked. Not every relationship is church bells, candy and hot nights.

Unfortunately, not everyone shares the same spiritual awareness. Even, scarier, many people encounter spiritual advisors and gurus who distort the meaning of soulmate/twin flame; Causing clients to bring in or maintain relationships that are horribly destructive.

In the past couple of weeks, I have had horrifying discussions about advisors who push these mental distortions. One discussion brought to light an advisor who told a client to meet a man who wanted to rape her. Said man was sending her messages that he wanted to destroy her body sexually. The advisor deluded the girl into thinking that the man was just into Fifty Shades of Grey, kinky and her soulmate.

I kind of agreed with the soulmate aspect for the client. Not in the marriage kind of way though. This soulmate most certainly would have brought upon a spiritual lesson that would have changed the course of her life, forever. Luckily, she found another counselor who advised of the dangers of this 'kinky' soulmate and the girl choose a different path.

This young lady's story disturbed me so much, I had to write this article. It is important for people to understand that not everyone is a soulmate or a positive soulmate. And, that soulmates can come as pets, trees, gardens, countries, etc....

As for the twin flame deal, for some reason I have a hard time with this one. The term sounds dramatic and idiotic. Isn't it also the same as thing as a soulmate?

I am not so dense to know that we do connect with people on a certain level. These relationships have occurred in my life. However, I am very careful in categorizing every relationship as a 'soul connection.' To quote the great Frank Sinatra, sometimes, "It was just one of those things."

The metaphysical community must become more involved in educating the client on soul connections. If not, were going to have a client base full of very lost souls. I am not blaming everyone but there are some who will bend the rules just to make a buck. We must do better by our clients and teach them about love and soul alignment in its truest form. They will trust us more and ascend with a brighter light.

Nyra Capurso, MSA

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written by: Nyra Capurso

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