The Paradigm of Fulfillment - happiness along journey

The Paradigm of Fulfillment - happiness along journey

written by: Mrs. Jeannie Irwin
by: Mrs. Jeannie Irwin
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I'm not any different than any of you. I might be a life coach, but I still seek fulfillment in some way every day. Many times I've wondered, why is it that I keep going back to the same game online, even when it can be infuriating. Likewise, and on completely unlikely corresponding note, What is it about my relationship with my twinflame that keeps us unable to get enough of each other? Being a major in Psychology, I've always been intrigued with our race of humans. We're unique in the fact that in the face of adversity, we can rise to an occasion, amidst surmountable obstacles. Even diehard pessimists get fulfillment in their negativity. What a strange animal we are. I can state without a doubt that we are all seeking something, and in that search, we want to obtain a certain state of mind, body, or emotion. The end result is simple, fulfillment in the broadest sense.

The majority of people around our world are seeking fulfillment in some manner. Is it peace for your Country that you're seeking or a piece of pie that brings that satisfaction? So, for humans this is a pretty big deal. We spend massive amounts of money on food, from fine dining to fast food restaurants. We wait in line for the latest tech savvy phones and computers. There are others seeking a relationship that lasts a lifetime. Intellectuals seek more knowledge, and yet, there are those of you who seek to live off the land without any material items that aren't essential. But, you'll notice that no matter who you know, or what they want in life, they are all seeking something.

When searching out articles about online gaming, you'll find among them one of the most essential ingredients to a great gaming experience, is that each mode is somewhat challenging.

Have you downloaded a game just to find out it didn't spur you onward? Was it too easy? Then you quickly grew bored and deleted it. Challenging levels must exist but with easier and accessible smaller goals along the way. Taken from an article entitled, What Makes a Great Game from they list challenge as a key factor among their list.

" A game needs to be challenging for the player. Of course, not impossible to finish but it should be difficult enough to keep the player engaged. You don't want a game that can be completed with no effort in a short amount of time. Gamers like to be challenged, when they complete a level or mission they want to feel like they had to work for it and like they accomplished something."

The best games keep you coming back for more with abilities to share with friends, see leaderboards, and achieve points or smaller goals along the way. In fact a really great game will have you wonder at times if you will ever get to the end, but then they'll throw in a easy level to keep your belief in the seemingly unobtainable.

"Challenge is the pathway to engagement and progress in our lives. But not all challenges are created equal. Some challenges make us feel alive, engaged, connected, and fulfilled. Others simply overwhelm us. Knowing the difference as you set bigger and bolder challenges for yourself is critical to your sanity, success, and satisfaction."- Brendon Burchard

Yet, for the most part, if you ask someone if they'd like their day to be challenging, a large amount of people would reply, no. We've gotten into a false sense that a challenging day, job or relationship is negative and keeps us from attaining our desires.

We are raised with the Paradigm of Fulfillment. Which is, Fulfillment is the end result which brings happiness. But, this is false.

What we really want is the hope that we can win. We want small goals along the way that bring us hope that we can obtain extraordinary feats in life.

We want to be challenged, and then we want to overcome those obstacles in life.

To look at the word fulfillment, we must go back to the word, fulfilled.

Merriam-Webster defines it as such:

1. feeling happy and satisfied about life : feeling that your abilities and talents are being fully used.

2. providing happiness and satisfaction.

When looking at synonyms for fulfilled we find; satisfied, accomplished, achieved, actualized, attained, delighted, gratified, pleased, and obtained among others. Are you getting the idea?

But to obtain something, we first have to seek, try, and work for it. To be satisfied, you must gain or attain something that brings this feeling. It doesn't land in your lap more often than not.

Because without challenge, our lives would be boring indeed. It is the defiant people you meet who challenge you, the strict professor that demands you step up your game, and the test that causes you to study harder. We want to be fulfilled but to claim that prize is like grabbing the wind, always reaching, and being lost in the process.

Don't you realize, it is in fact the challenge that is the fulfillment. It is in the acquisition, the seeking, and the process of accomplishing that we have our greatest reward.

Herein lies the Paradigm of Fulfillment, taught by our ancestors, surrounding us on all sides by society and pushed in our careers. We will be happy once we have achieved, but as a human race, we are never happy with the end of the sentence. We want to read more of the story. You never want a good book to end, and so we keep seeking.

We wait for fulfillment to come like a dog at the end of a an evening to lay at our feet and when that pooch doesn't lay comfortable over our slippers, we feel amiss. Our minds run circles about what we've done wrong, and some of us give up on our goals. We interpret our state of fulfillment on the end result and find ourselves lacking.

We rush through our games to the next level, cursing the more difficult ones and wondering why it's become so hard.We miss out on the opportunity to lavish ourselves in the moment, whatever that entails, knowing it's a part of our journey. Instead we need to learn to appreaciate the big picture that we're creating with each challenging brush stroke; the utility and enjoyment of simply painting. Life is not an accomplishment to be completed. Our path is riddled with restrictions, hurdles, but also overflowing with incentives if we take the time to enjoy the process.

Level Up.

Blessings, Jeannie Irwin

written by: Mrs. Jeannie Irwin

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