The Point of View of CONSCIOUSNESS

The Point of View of CONSCIOUSNESS

written by: Melanie McGhee
by: Melanie McGhee
Aait consciousness Aait consciousness

Understanding the role holistic or gestalt principles play in the practice of AAIT will help us explore what we mean by consciousness in "Resolving reactivity reveals higher states of CONSCIOUSNESS."

Processing the cognitive and emotional effect of challenging situations and elusive goals WITHOUT considering the multiple points of view associated with the situation leads to an incomplete resolution. It is not WHOLE. My teacher, Zivorad Slavinski calls this holistic or circular processing.

Common points of view include our own and the other person or people involved. This is a traditional use of gestalt (wholistic) principles. When you work with an AAIT practitioner, there is a significant deal more creativity involved in considering points of view (POV).

Melinda long carried fear about not having enough money. That's not too uncommon. Many of us can relate to having felt that kind of fear. We immediately got to work eliminating the initial layers of fear related to this issue, including her parents' and sister's POV. She felt liberated free. This was in one session.

The following week, Melinda shared that she felt so much better and wasn't generally afraid about money, she was afraid she wouldn't be able to save money. We discussed taking the POV of MONEY. As she imagined taking the POV of money for a split second, she could feel the "charge" associated with that POV. Within minutes she was smiling and had a plan that reminded her of the power in her choices. Moreover, the choices associated with the plan did not feel punishing.

This is not all to say that now Melinda lives in a gazillion dollar house on the lake. No. She's working through the consequences of her previous choices, but without the pull of fear.

Exploring another POV is about imagining what it's like to be inside their consciousness, to have an awareness of their experience as best we can. One question most AAIT students ask is if we are addressing a pain point in the other person, like surrogate work. No, not to my knowledge and I don't know how we could know that. More likely, we are picking up and reclaiming projected and imagined material.

Nonetheless, using POV, we can explore and release tension on a much more COMPLETE scale. Other creative uses of holistic processing include: • Inanimate objects – for a musician, her guitar. For a writer, her words. • Food • The body • The pain • The environment • One's career * One's business * One's future business * One's future self • One's higher self • God • Consciousness

And there we are. Consciousness can have a point of view. Awareness is a state. Resolving reactivity reveals higher states of consciousness.