The Possibility of What You Want

The Possibility of What You Want

written by: Jesse An Nichols George
by: Jesse An Nichols George
The possibility of what you want 2 The possibility of what you want 2

"...the possibility of what you want." ~ Activating Compassion The Workbook ~

When we are looking for the universe to provide us with things that we want it is important to ask questions; because through those questions we can get the insights to make wiser choices. The universe will always respond to our questions. So the key comes in learning how to ask them.

Let's start with one that many people entering into doing spiritual work.

Many will start with a judgment that they cannot afford to follow their passion. When we do this we put the universe to work giving us situations that make following our passion unaffordable. We are actually, putting our energy where we don't want it to be.

So to get the universe moving things in the direction that allows us to follow our passion; we want to ask questions that explore the possibility of what we want to do. For example: "What would it be like to, have more than enough money, to fund my passion?" This not only gets the universe in action to respond to you; but gets you thinking what that looks like, feels like, and accepts it as a real possibility for you to have.

Now, that you have accepted that this is a possibility or at least entertain the idea that it can happen for you; the universe gets to work answering your question. It does this by bringing things into your life, that provide the experience of having enough money to fund your passion. All you need to do is, pay attention to what comes your way.

Another layer that I like to add to this is to phrase your question as if it has already happened. Such as:

Why do I have more money than I can spend?

Why do I have so much money, that I can follow my passion any way that I want to?

Why am I so successful?

In response the universe sees it as already existing and works to provide you with answers to why that is the case. This can come in subtle or obvious ways; such as gaining more insight in the work you are doing, or ideas on how to promote yourself, or connecting with someone or an article that talks about how to do things without any cost.

So take the time to explore the possibility of really having and succeeding at what you want. Then enjoy creating it.

written by: Jesse An Nichols George

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