written by: Ms. Cindy Athey
by: Ms. Cindy Athey
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Life can be stressful. Stress can take many forms, right? We have relationship stress, financial stress, work stress and family stress. Stress that feels overwhelming, stress that produces panic and stress that makes us depressed and anxious basically a hot mess.

When stress becomes unmanageable, anxiety increases and so does negative thought patterns. Pretty toxic, right? Well yes, stress effects both physical and psychological health and not in a good way. It can be uber depressing and overwhelming, but there are ways you can work through negative feelings in your life to reduce stress.

So what is the key to coping with these types of stressors and why doesn't everyone live stress free? Because they don't apply a few principals to their daily lives that make life and any upcoming stressors more manageable.

Many people do not understand that they have the power to let go of some of their stress and have had it all along. Ok so that's a quote from Pinterest but it is completely accurate. There is great power in letting go of things outside of your control.

What does letting go look like?

What does letting go of things outside of your control look like? Letting go of other people's perceptions, attitudes and behaviors. For example, I can't control how rude the cashier is at the store or whether my teenager/spouse or family member is irritable when they return from school/work. I can however let it go and not let it change my mood from positive to negative and essentially ruin my day.

When I step back from a situation and refuse, yes I said REFUSE to let it get to my inner happy place then that will minimize any feelings of anxiety. It will take practice and perseverance to be able to not respond to whomever McGrouchy but managing stress is like a battlefield and you are the Master Sergeant in your life. Oh lord, did I just use a Call of Duty reference (too many gamers in my life

written by: Ms. Cindy Athey

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