The Power of Pink and Gold!

The Power of Pink and Gold!

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Pink-gold Pink-gold

You've likely heard me talk about breathing in pink and gold for growing younger at some point in our time together. But you may not know just exactly why these two colors are so very special, and work such magic in your body.

Pink. I imagine all women enjoy pink, perhaps it's not the color you wear, but, if we're being honest, enjoying a pink rose, or a little girl in a pink frilly dress and ribbons is sure to make you smile from the inside out.

The reason we feel this way is because in the color spectrum, soft pink is the color of divine female love, which is in its nature incredibly healing and nurturing as well.

Gold feels rich, regal and strong. On the color spectrum gold is the energy of the divine, of Goodness and God. It strengthens us, fortifies us and when used properly makes us more of what we can be by disappearing what we no longer wish to have in our space.

Years back I was fascinated with color, and how the use of color can help us both understand ourselves and our circumstances and how we can powerfully use that knowledge to heal.

Many of the chapters in Your Divine Human Blueprint give details references to colors as they appear in your body and chakras, virtually everywhere, and how you can shift up to colors that may help you make your shift faster.

Last Sunday I took Adelia shopping with the intention of updating some of my accessories, funny, I saw this lovely necklace, and then another, bracelet and then another and matching earrings, all pink and gold I grabbed up, thinking ohhh I just love these colors...and of course I do!

Perfect for emotional healing, heart opening and feeling good, I recommend breathing in, wearing and viewing pink and gold for a happy heart!