The Power of the Invitation

The Power of the Invitation

written by: Megan Edge
by: Megan Edge
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What an amazingly powerful feeling it is to be wanted, desired, cherished. When you invite someone into your life, or they invite you into theirs, a connection is created that didn't exist before and an amazing energy begins to flow. Have you noticed this?

The energy of the invitation to be included in someone else's energy, or that of a group, a family, a business, is really one of the fundamental forces that creates community.

Many of my clients come to me with deep fears around the perceived judgements from other people in their lives. Sometimes they're crippled by this. Living in the fear of other people's judgements, basing every decision and opinion expressed on the need to meet the perceived expectations of others is not only exhausting, it prevents your authentic self from having its own expression and freedom.

When you get dressed in the morning and agonize over what people might think about your choice of clothes, or censor your true beliefs and opinion because of the fear you may offend someone; or you're convinced that everyone is talking about you behind your back and they're saying negative or judgemental things, then you're living in the fear of other people's judgments.

This is a survival strategy that goes back into the mists of time and human evolution. In any society, community or civilization, the need to be accepted is equivalent to survival. Being ostracized by your family or community has been, and still is, a very effective way to control the behaviour and beliefs of other people. Our need to connect and to be accepted is deeply ingrained in us as human beings – and it's true; we need to be connected, we're a social species – it's part of our biology.

Certainly, we can be on our own, but we can't survive for any length of time without some interaction, help or support from others. Within your family of origin, you learned what was expected of you in order for you to a part of that family. The way you walked, talked, dressed; the people you were friends with, all communicated your acceptance by your tribe. You grew up learning the rules of engagement in your particular family and community, in order to be accepted, loved and seen. And maybe, as an adult, you're still following those rules and haven't ask some very important questions...

I invite you to consider these possibilities for a moment:

What if what someone else thought about you was none of your business?

What if you allowed them to make up their mind about you, accepting that whatever they think does not define who you are?

What if you showed up and allowed others to see you without getting hooked into what they may, or may not be thinking?

What if, 90% of the time, other people weren't thinking of you and in the 10% of the time they might be thinking about

you, they were thinking positive, complimentary thoughts about you?

The point is this, it does matter what other people think about you or how they feel about you in so much as you need to connect to others to live your life fully. What you choose to do with any information about how someone feels about you is up to you. You can let it define you or, you can let it be their experience of you, but not be your truth about who you are.

Consider then the power of the invitation, yours or someone else's. Being invited can provide you with the evidence of your worth to the other, it can show you that you're welcome, that you're acknowledge. The un-invite or non-invite can provide you with the same information in the opposite direction. You can choose to allow either experience to be yours – worth or lack of worth.

Or, you can become very clear on who you are and who you came here, to this life, to be. You can stop living in fear that the judgements of other dictates how you live your life and you can open up space around you, energetically, to invite people into your life who support you, who are confident enough in their own identities that they don't need to question or control yours. You can invite people into your life who have the capacity to gently push you to be more then you may be allowing yourself to be, without judgement or apology.

When clients enter into my Healing Room, many of them burst into tears, much to their surprise. The space I hold is truly free of judgement or apology – I encourage my clients to leave their self-judgments and those of others at the door and to never apologize for how they've arrived at this point in their lives. I then encourage them to invite new expectations into their lives, such as ease, wisdom, co-operation, abundance, freedom or healing.

What would it feel like if you decided who and what you wanted to invite into your life and then you did just that? If nothing stood in your way, most importantly yourself, what would you invite into your life?

written by: Megan Edge

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