The Power You Command—Halley Elise ©2016

The Power You Command—Halley Elise ©2016

written by: Halley Elise
by: Halley Elise
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It saddens me, when someone contacts me to say, "The time frame you gave me was wrong!"

A psychic reading, is a portent of what is to come. It is not an exact science.

You may have had a reading several times before with complete time accuracy; giving you expectation; though there are factors beyond what the eye sees.

G-d and the Universe at large, have a lot to do with what takes place and when.

As well the individual who is looking for a nice outcome, is responsible by keeping their personal vibration, that frequency they put into the world as high as possible.

As an individual you are a very powerful being. If you focus your attention on keeping your vibration high... With celebrating the little things, and with looking forward to good things, then, it is an absolute inevitability that your good is on its way.

On occasion, when I do a reading, it feels so strong because in that moment all is at such a high and beautiful expression of what's to come, that the timing may to me feel immediate- Instead of 8 months down the line or perhaps even a bit longer. Though if that person maintains the beautiful (energy) expression, they often see an exact corollary to the time.

Which is the case reported by at least 75% of my clients.

The one thing I know with absolute certainty is when you allow yourself to be congruent with your thoughts, your feelings and your actions, anything and everything is possible in your world!

Not only is it possible you can expect definitive results!

We all have to be accountable for ourselves. It is not that the world is unkind, or that bad things don't happen. Our world is responding to us in every waking moment.

And bad things happen because it gives us contrast, it gives us the ability to know when something is good, or if we desire something different. We are able to discern what is important to us, by observing and putting to memory.

So if you're experiencing a time in your life that feels insecure, uncertain , or sad, and you want better, and you are thinking it's not happening-

Then rethink!

Bring into your Consciousness, all that inspires you, all that triggers happy memories; find your favorite music, dance and celebrate. You will soon see that your mood lifts altering your reality.

You will soon see that the things you look at are much better than you may have thought. Or are easily circumvented. At the very least you will see that things will not remain the same. Sigils of abundant joy appear in unexpected form.

It is ny hope whoever reads this today is inspired, or will reconsider where they sit.

Please note there is no false expectation of seeing through rose tinted glass. There is the expectation that you as an individual take stock in you and the power you command.

<3 Have a blessed day...






written by: Halley Elise

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