The Secret to Being Your Best Self!

The Secret to Being Your Best Self!

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
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Wow, what a wonderful wrap up to a month of amazing trainings. I have to say, I've been really feeling it with the shift of attention to balance and success this month as my own life keeps rolling out in front of me and better and more wonderful ways.

I was so delighted to teach the Happiness Starts with Balance class that has a 12-week balance wheel fast action program as it rapidly got me more balanced and happy. When I looked into the balance wheel, most areas were amazingly awesome for me with the exception of creativity (specifically art) and my social and friends. Both of these have taken a turn for the better and I'm enjoying a deeper sense of ease and joy, even though my schedule has not lightened up, I'm just making sure to get a few needed aspects of full self expression back on the menu.

In our 100% Success class I started a project of sending the beautiful newly redone Balance book to the top 100 women influencers in the San Francisco Bay area. This project is going so nicely with 65 already out, and more going next week! It was a perfect opportunity to start reaching into a new group, not just the telesummits which are flooded and overdone, introducing this work to folks who would never have had the opportunity to learn and grow from the quantum activations given we've not been on their radar before now.

And in a simple way, I've been coloring in a color book, sketching quick portrait images of Adelia, and although no formal painting or sculpture are currently being created, I'm feeling happy to be getting my creative juices in movement.

By next Thursday I'll have mapped all 87 interferences in the 1-8 category, truly an amazing feat, and we had an incredible Timelines training with significant mapping in this program also.

The summer months are dedicated to movement and transformation! I can see and feel so many shifts for myself and our students It's a joyous time!

I feel so strongly using the balance wheel and paying attention to all aspects of life, keeping everything at a high level of happiness is the secret to being your best self. I noticed this week I was happier, felt more connected to life and had even more energy for little missy's teething and the creation of new content for trainings and teaching! So clear, regenerate and be in action!