written by: Al Duval
by: Al Duval
2016 the soul revised 2016 the soul revised

The soul plays many parts, while a great actor, remains invisible, expressing reality as multiple dimensions, to complete the big picture.

Understanding the spiritual nature, of nature, there is no good and bad, there is here, and not here. What is here is reality, and what is not, explains itself! Many dimensions of reality come through when the mind is clear.

Being a fear monger, the emotion of determination dies. Clearing the mind, reconciles the ego to live, not live to die. Removing the ego barrier of fear, life appears. Reality is a gift accepting the gift, celebration takes over and a new dimension is achieved.

Moving above the drama not into it. Moving above drama, intuition a gift of light, appears. Intuiting, moving into the gift with an acceptance of reality and a new clear view. Allowing emotions which accept vibrational frequencies of others and intuit them as if they were our own. Addressing the situation at hand, as if it has already happened, moving toward the appropriate outcome.

Wisdom, a part of the gift, received from participation, not reliving the past, but moving in a loving way to accept these dimensions as guides. Using intelligence, to get over the ego. Intuition, to feel the situation at hand, using insight as a tool of wisdom, to find a peaceful way. These traits are human traits which can be realized. With realization, patterns can be made and broken.

Discernment ; an action of moving into the direction of peace, knowing what does not work and eliminating it, by non participation. A quantum view of reality; electrons bind and unbind matter, bending to our karmic state.

Reality, gives us familiar faces our family, the training ground for insight. Reality, gives us unfamiliar faces, our allies, reminders of our potential. These unfamiliar faces, reincarnate in our space on their time, as reminders of the abundance available, when we detach from our possessiveness.

Sharing verses possessing, not a concept of the ego but of the heart. Realizing the allegiance of the heart, another dimension is available. Remembrance; a quantum level, the integration of the particle and the wave. The wave of life rolls with the turning of the earth, a wave of day and night. Dimensions of the earth, which are seen as a duality, when there is only unity, both exist at once.

The quantum is the only reality, our true inner / inter actions, engage the plane,t into a now state. A state of wellness realizing, we are figments of our own imagination. The potential, is the big picture, requiring only our peace to see.

Remembrance, is knowing our dreams go away when we awaken, and the day goes away when we sleep. Engaging our allies, we reawaken, an attraction of awe and respect.

The awe to move away from the path most used, to find there is so much off the path. The path the ego has skillfully worked out, to our demise! Is the path to death, every step based in fear ? Off the path, reality exposes itself in wondrous dimensions, so worshiped forever.

Matter to mold, water to revive, air to communicate, light to see, space to expand. This simplified version of life, grows into knowledge, ritual and attention to divine inter action. Providing infinite possibilities, reality in which we can see our cells being manifested, by our greatest gift, space, giving the imagination ability to expand. Mutable space, so vast, so minute, so unified, that the laws of nature , are at our imaginations disposal, not in a wasteful way of having and have not but in a compassionate way, of caring and sharing.

The dimension of space, allows the same space to be infinitely perceived. Attention to this, removes any doubt of our unification. Karma is our ally, to give insight, to reunite our ego, to see us as characters to play.

Our soul, sees the performances as real, while stepping off stage, detached from the delusion, not playing some imaginary character, the SOUL is the STAR!

written by: Al Duval

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