The Spiritual Science Behind Great Success

The Spiritual Science Behind Great Success

written by: Dr. Paul Haider
by: Dr. Paul Haider
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Why is it that we can plan but in the end, things go bad? Read More.

It Takes Having an Idea - That means opening up our mind to all things that reside in the cosmos. All the answers are there with Great Spirit. None of it really comes from us, all knowledge resides in the Universe. That's why some great scientists like Einstein would have ideas come to him in his dreams. If we are on the right wavelength we can tune into that which is all knowing.

Edgar Cayce Understood - Even Edgar Cayce who healed thousands of people with his ability to tap into the knowledge of the universe. He knew that all the answers he wanted to know were waiting for him and everyone else. It's just a matter of aligning ourselves to the right frequency and becoming an open vessel for that knowledge.

We are Quantum Computers - And now we know that everything in the universe is made up of waveforms and those standing waveforms are floating through the universe. Thus all we have to do is tap into those waveforms like a radio tuning in a radio station. And science now knows that our mind is a quantum computer... and all quantum knowledge is pulsating in and out of existence through our brain. But most of us can't pick up that knowledge because our minds are way too busy with all the stuff on this earthly plane. Thus we can't open our mind enough to allow pure knowledge to filter in.

What is the Right Frequency? - Most people are so full of their own ego that they can't tune into the right frequency. And what is that frequency? Gratitude! Great gratitude for everything in life. And everything that is bestowed upon us for the betterment of mankind.

But it's More Than That - Gratitude is not the only thing we need, we need to accept and appreciate Great Spirit for guiding our lives. And thus do everything with Great Spirit in mind. It's all about taking whatever we are given in the way of knowledge and always having Great Spirit in mind... and use that knowledge to create a better world. And to Great Spirit money means absolutely nothing. And thus one has to look at things, not from the perspective of money... it's about honoring Great Spirit. This is the downfall of most people... they only see the money part. And don't honor Great Spirit with the all that knowledge that came their way. So eventually whatever they are planning fails... sometimes right away and at other times after a while. But either way soon or later it all fails if Great Spirit is not honored.

So Tune into Great Spirit, Have Gratitude, and Use All Knowledge with Great Spirit in Mind.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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