The super sonic siren screech

The super sonic siren screech

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Super sonic siren screech Super sonic siren screech

I'm learning some things I just wasn't aware that I could learn, somethings I didn't know existed, and the way out of challenge in ways I really didn't know possible regardless of the outer circumstance changing. And this learning is definitely fortifying my life and experience of being calm and balanced as I move through my days.

As a Adelia has become a full-fledged two-year-old toddler she has activated her screech mechanism. This is such an intense experience and I've heard it from both boys and girls, but not all children use this I'm thinking only about 10% screech. It leaves me wondering what in the world is going on. The screech is a bloodcurdling sound. It's deeply upsetting and it really does create a change in the quantum field. In my investigations I've discovered that this screech is often triggered as a defensive play. It is sourced from the animal instinct which we see more than ever in the 'willful child'. I noticed it with my daughter especially when she hears the word no or she's not getting exactly what she wants.

The super sonic siren screech. The sound of the intense scream impacts to the listener's body.

So with all of this I wondered why does this super sonic toddler screech this exist?

  • It negatively affects the adrenals forcing the adrenals to release cortisol, and if you're hearing this screech enough the cortical mechanism of the adrenals can poop out. It can just stop working because you've heard something like a siren alarm over and over and over again during your day.
  • It also negatively affects presence and parts of your spirit so you're feeling less capable or reduced.
  • It affects your aura. This is like having a very sharp blade or weapon slash your aura into many pieces. Each time a shriek happens damage goes into your aura.
  • It affects emotions part of perception
  • It affects the third, six and seventh chakras
  • It affects all seven layers of the aura
  • It affects the immune system
  • It affects metabolism
  • It affects digestion
  • It affects gallbladder

It appears it was built into humans to disarm and attack. A loud shriek might terrify something so much so as to have them run in the other direction. It's a weapon for the very small. The list of damage is pretty significant things are damaged and affected. So as we look at the mechanism of sound as a tool for the very young to rearrange another, protect and drive them ultimately to safety and authority we are working with an ancient mechanism in the blueprint.

Just as this sound which is a very low frequency can dramatically disturb many areas of your blueprint so too we see beautiful music and high harmonious lovely voice and instrumental or spiritual music can uplift and transform in a positive way.

With Adelia, I may not have complete control over when and where she decides to use this, but I can rapidly repair myself by knowing where the damage is being done, and simply using the quantum pump with the intention of first repairing the aura, and restoring all the items on the list above. I am grateful to my darling daughter for showing me that this mechanism exists and by examining it carefully we can have a rapid solution for making right 'parental and caretaker damage', from your little ones screech

It's all good, keep a sense of humor and this too shall pass. I'll share next week the details of behavior modification and the connection time we are enjoying. For now, have a wonderful amazing day!