The Technology Addiction

The Technology Addiction

written by: Jesse An Nichols George
by: Jesse An Nichols George
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How dependent are you on technology and other modern conveniences? Is that smartphone really a smart idea? Is there a connection between electronics and world concerns?

I recently saw a post where plant life was destroyed to literal death with only 12 days of exposure to a cell phone. I already had this post in mind to create about how our technology may not be the advancement that we think it is. The post, just simply provided a more concrete aspect of proof for what was happening. It was shown through a science experiment by some young girls; that the plant exposed to the cell phone for 12 days died or was nearly dead, while the same plant in the same conditions without the cell phone remained healthy and vibrant.

I don't think there is a place that I go where I don't see an overload of electronics and technology. Whether it is through the next great adventure scene in a movie, the newest gadget on the market, an app that does something else for us, a new type of light, a new cell phone or computer; or any other device for that matter. Humans seem to be addicted to the next thing that will tell them what to do. It is like they can't even think for themselves or doing anything without checking an app.

Humans are spending billions of dollars, getting the next greatest thing that will allegedly make their life easier. However, there is so much that we are not being told with all of this. There is so much hidden within the package of all these goods; and they really are not making life easier.

As a result, people have little communication or conversations. They are becoming more and more robotic, unable to speak full sentences or even do basic math. We have moved into being half machines in a human package; doing what we are told, when we are told to do it. We do what the technology tells us to do; instead of thinking for ourselves. We fight, argue, and hold the social media security blanket night and day; manipulated by the next post that is blaming someone for most anything that they can, whether or not it is true.

In the name of advancement, we have destroyed our Earth, ruined our health, and publicly smeared others in a moment's reaction. We worry about how the over consumption is affecting life; yet we will hardly put the cell phone out of our hands, even while sleeping. We surround ourselves with these life sucking devices; be they the latest light bulb, the microwave, the newest car, television, computers for everyone in the house; and of course the ever so important life line we call the cell phone. We then wonder, why we have so much cancer, brain impairment, are tired and exhausted; and numerous other health concerns and stresses to deal with. Not to mention the stress of keeping up with all of the messages and posts.

Now, technology certainly has it's benefits; and it is not all bad. It also is not the only piece that is affecting us. I myself can appreciate the ease of finding out information, and connecting with others through it.

One of the biggest ironies I find these days, though, is that of where we are now so absent of the simplicities that fulfill us; we are even finding apps and using technology to try to help us get back to them. However, the piece that we are missing; is we will not really and fully connect as long as we are holding onto the technology. There will come a time, where all will crash; and we will need to return to simpler means and ways.

Study after study shows the destruction of the body, mind, and spirit with even a small amount of consistent exposure to only one thing. Think about just being in an office where there are multiple computers; and everyone has their cellphone and other office equipment. We have a massive amount of "poison" that we have brought into our lives; and this is something to think about before you go buy that new video game for your child, or opt for yet another piece of metal convenience in your life. Have you ever thought you were handing your child Cancer instead of a learning tool?

What I am now noticing, is the maintenance of all these things are not saving us the time that we have been told they would. Few know the joy of a starlit sky without the numerous household and city lights. Few know the energy that is abundant when we spend time in nature and without our gadgets. Few know the self-worth; that comes when they are not influenced by EMF's and other electronic or mechanical things.

Yes, there are grounding pads; and things that help; however, is that really the point? Those things do not stop the destruction of our Earth. It is time for us to realize that we are living in a great amount of greed; certainly not all; but many. It is time for us to realize the stress, anxiety, and numerous health concerns that break our hearts and leave us exhausted; are connected to the volume of electronics and technology that we allow into our lives.

We have spent so much time "advancing"; that we now are craving what we left behind. Those little havens in nature. The joy of being self-functioning. The pleasure of feeling healthy and happy.

I remember a few months ago, I disconnected; and spent some time in a cabin that had very few electronics, and I stayed off of my computer during that time. It took a full 5 days before my energy started to come back. There was such a difference in body, mind, and spirit being without these things. There was plenty of time in my day, and a renewed joy coming through.

So the question comes; have we paid a price that we cannot afford? Our sleep is being destroyed, our health is being destroyed, our hope and joy is being destroyed. However, are we willing to make the changes to have these things that are truly essential to us?

Technology in the realm of codes runs on a pattern of disruption and rebelliousness. It's very code pattern is to disrupt us and rebel against the soul self. It's vibration is to create conflict and disharmony. It's very nature is to break things down. Something for us to really think about

How addicted are you to your electronics and technology? Are you willing to do with less of these things that do not biodegrade easy; and regain quality of life? Are you willing to shut things off completely, and start re-connecting with what will truly fulfill you?

Compassionate Blessings ~ An

written by: Jesse An Nichols George

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