The Things You Think Aren’t Happening

The Things You Think Aren’t Happening

written by: Mark Janssen
by: Mark Janssen
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In two months it's Christmas. Less than a month before that is Thanksgiving. Barely four weeks before that is All Saints Day and its precursor Halloween. The news is that you may think Halloween with its ghosts, goblins and demons doesn't happen until Halloween. This year it began in the middle of September.

Honest, Abe.

Some of the more obvious signs are physically present for anybody to see. In the past month wars, political strife, economic roller coasters and a multitude of other actors on the world stage have taken off. If something strange, outrageous or just plain wrong can happen, it is now.

Part of this is due to human behaviors. Humans are behaving in silly, greedy and foolish ways. Rather than taking to heart the lesson of sharing our toys with friends and strangers, we are being ever more greedy. We are overstepping bounds of reason and decency.

We are heading out of control.

Take a corner, everybody.

Go. Now. Go sit in your corner and think about what you are doing.

Think about the fact that you are creating situations which leave you open to a spiritual swat. That is when—out of absolutely nowhere, it seems—something bad happens to you. You get shoved on the sidewalk when you are walking down the wrong side. You want to escape responsibilities at work and home and the response you get from others leaves you breathless. You want what you want and nobody else cares. You don't get it. Other people have what they want and need, too.

Let me clue you in on something that I see which is aggravating your life. You probably don't see it.

Over the last several weeks our world has been inundated by spirits, some of them very unhappy spirits. Some of them lived here and are returning in spirit form. Others have come in from other galaxies and universes. They are here looking for someone, somewhere to send them Home. They came here because there was something or someone drawing them to this miniscule planet. They don't want to be here, but they are drawn by an energy they don't know. Literally, they want to be out of this world. The energy tells them that from here they will go Home.

Those are the spirits who, like us, were alive and are now waiting to get along to heaven.

Then there are the others. They are not your Halloween demons. They're the real deal. Maybe you don't find it so amusing, but it amuses me to listen to people who do not believe in any sort of spiritual life outside of themselves and the physical world. Such people are absolutely clueless about the extent to which they ignore the obvious in life. Demons that look nothing like what you see in books or movies are real. Very real.

Physicists understand physics. Garbage men deal with garbage.

Metaphysicians deal with the physics of spiritual garbage.

The demons that are invading our world—and don't be lazy and think it's just this puny planet—are exactly that. They are spiritual garbage. How to deal with them?

Call out the metaphysical garbage men and women.

There are people who are and always have been selfish, silly and greedy. The demons play on them like a master violinist on his strings.

You have to make a decision.

Are you going to allow yourself to be afraid when confronted by those people and the demons behind them? Are you going to follow the ways of the demons? You may sometimes feel your conscience prick you into good deeds and thoughts. That is your guardian angel and God opening you to a better life.

People who are selfish, silly and greedy listen to demons rather than the angels or God. They take lessons in bad behavior and thoughts.

The demons will be well dealt with. The souls that have returned or come here to be sent Home to heaven will go.

But, what about you?

What are you going to choose to do with your life—here and hereafter?

written by: Mark Janssen

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