The True Story of Shanti Devi

The True Story of Shanti Devi

written by: Dr. Paul Haider
by: Dr. Paul Haider
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"A Story of Reincarnation"

A 4-year-old girl in India tells her parents that she was married and lived in another town almost 150 kilometers away. She was reincarnated and born as their child— but she could remember everything about her past life.

Shanti Devi was just a small child in the 1930's when she started to remember her past life. She told her parents about her reincarnation but they didn't pay attention— they thought she was fantasizing. So Shanti became frustrated so she went off to school where she told her teacher and the headmaster about being the wife of a merchant in Mathura India by the name of Kedar Nath. And 9 that years earlier Kedar Nath's wife had died a short while after giving birth to a son, and she (Shanti) was his wife— Lugdi Devi.

The headmaster of the school found the merchant in Mathura 145 kilometers away and told him the story. And soon after that, the husband Kedar Nath came to Shanti Devi's house pretending to be his brother. But the little girl recognized him right away and was overwhelmed with joy to see her husband. And Shanti proceeded to tell him all the small details of their life together as man and wife—things that no one could have known. Shanti Devi also recognized other family members including her former grandfather.

And Shanti Devi also reminded her former husband of a few promises he made on her death bed that he never fulfilled.

The story grew like wildfire even Mahatma Gandhi was intrigued by the reincarnation story. So Gandhi set up a commission to find out if the story was true or not. And the commission after looking at all the evidence and interviewing everyone decided that Shanti Devi was the reincarnation of Lugdi Devi nine years later.

Shanti Devi never married and told the story only a few times after that... including a few times to some investigators from around the world who were writing books including a Swedish author who wrote a couple books about reincarnation.

Shanti told her story again in 1950 and once again in 1986 and she died in 1987.

It goes to show that we are not just flesh and blood that appears and disappears. We are developing consciousness which goes on forever. A consciousness which is recycled over and over again in order to learn lessons. Until we attain enlightenment and immerse ourselves in the light and never return.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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