written by: Al Duval
by: Al Duval
They are me They are me

 responsible for the unresolvable!

Are they everywhere!


No planet homes - they!

No country is named - they!

No state is controlled by - they!

No city has a district of they!

No one I know is even named They!

 who are they?

So fearful with no place to hide, but
 responsible for the woes of our lives.

Damn them! Those invisible they, hidden between our ears, where fear breeds.

The destruction of they
 so empowered,
so responsible,
so ego driven.
 They scare us
into submission,
into delusion,
into dogma,
into being THEY.

Yes, THEY are ME -
hidden deep inside the psyche.

The emotional insecurities of the ego, uses they,
to distract us from the present.

the real name of the ego, every thing the ego is fearful of, is their fault.

The pointing finger always has more pointing back at the real THEY.

A reality check -
name your ego
and watch
 how deceiving
 fear will go
to drive you to your death. Moment after moment,
the death threat,
 pushes the truth of the present away.

Life is lived by US - not THEY.

They exist for the destruction of the mind. They add us to the collective unconsciousness.

Replace THEY with WE and watch what follows! RESPONSIBILITY for our own thoughts.

the opposite of fear, to engage the action of the cosmos,
to experience the wonder of it all.

The joy of participating in this wonder, the mystery.
 The mystery is - what we do not know yet.

The mystery, is what we cannot fear,
it comes every day.
The celebration begins with sun light, the photons enter the atmosphere,
the prana enters our inner sphere.

The celebration,
in sync, in tune.
 The universe is an adventure to observe, the adventure is in daily participation.

The daily participation requires action, the action becomes a meditation, 
the meditation becomes religious,
 the religiousness becomes spirit,
 the spirit replaces they.
 Then the light is on
 and they are gone. Gone, gone,
 who is left when the ego is gone? The silence of the soul!

Mindless, the soul takes over, the quiet allows,
the allowing replaces "disallowing", the allowing has no attachments, no attachments allows meditation.

 relies on now, for all of its rewards, 
the reward of peace verses war,
t he reward of creativity verses destruction, the reward of intelligence verses manipulation, the reward of trust verses doubt,
 the reward of compassion verses selfishness, the reward of intuition verses fear,
 the reward of clarity verses confusion, the reward of quiet verses conflict.

The heart is a treasure chest to contain these rewards.

With the mind blown, the heart finds compassion for the ego,
and loves it too.

A heart of a compassionate being, loves the ego,
the warrior protects
 the inner child, our accepting dimension.

The warrior, a protective dimension, removes the fear of the unknown. The warrior, a fearless soul, can reward the inner child,
by accepting the child likeness, which allows the new. 
 The new now,
driven by the heart.

Liberated by the warrior, from childish fears,
 from childish reactions,
 from childish insecurity, from childish projections.

Liberation is an action of detachment, finding the ego has a place, but not in charge.
 Not projecting insecure reactions based on false fears.

With the ego gone, the light comes on.

The light of the soulution, which becomes you,
 in charge.
 Empowered to empower, compassionate to share, liberated to detach. These are bridges of the mind. The heart provides the transportation; the soul provides the adventure.

Unclear is the mind without a compassionate heart, without the feeling of trust. The heart emotes trust,
this emotion can uplift the mind. Trust in the divine, providing the soulution. The u in soulution, makes the mind full, to embrace the situation. Supported by fearlessness,
the mind is reminded,
the soulution is the present.

Where else can anything be done, other than now? Surprised to find all that is necessary, is already provided!

The ego mind,
 is not liberating,
 it is manipulative,
 to compensate for the fearful-ness. The fearless mind, is ego free not living to die,
dying to live!

The moment is provided by nature, the nature of the divine,
the ever present, now
full of the base elements, consciousness of life having us. Creativity to provide all of the elements, working flawlessly together, to manifest this point of space/time, filling our needs.

- Water
- Air

80% water
 our fluid base,
our emotional body,
our fluidity allows buoyancy, and the capacity to have depth. Our atmosphere of air, provides oxygen for our life. Breath releases our exhaustion. Earth, the mother, provides the matter to sustain our strength, the foundation of our body. Light comes 
in an endless supply, enlightened wisdom, providing energy from the sun, our star, energizes us with photons. The atmosphere encapsulates photons into oxygen. The moon provides reflection, balancing with the earth,
a gift of
seasonal patterns.

The necessary ingredients for life are not manufactured, they are ever present!

Nature is divine!
 What part of nature should we change? This philharmonic organic synthesis, providing
the past, present and future. Nature
 the only ever present force. Perpetual energy,
 the sun enlightening the planet,
t he moon balancing the seasons,
 the earth rotating the days,
t he oceans connecting the land,
 the plants oxygenizing the air,
 the climates differentiating the animals, and humans mistaking the source.

a simple word for a complex soulution, god is shorter, but too human. Nature is detached from the mind of man. The mind of man, mistakes the source as a thing, not a consciousness,
thus loosing consciousness of the reality of the source.

The elemental has been observed from the beginning of time. The elements are more than four, the elemental table is not a table, but
map of elemental potential. The elements are
self manifested,
self maintained, perpetually energized, individually sufficient, eternally connected.

Our Self, the unselfish, the embracer, the sustainer,
 the nurturer,
 the conscious, the life of the present, the reality of being, the being human, the human soul, endless as space,
 as eternal as time, the big picture.

 do not
 one answer to the following questions:

who? what? when? where? why? how?

THEY have millions of confusing answers.

Dissolve THEY!

Answer these questions with one answer and THEY go away.

Who? = me

What? = to give

When? = now

Where? = here

Why? = LOVE

How? = in joy

NOW – they make sense!

I am in joy giving love here and now.

Is that a Soulution?

These answers remove the questions for GOOD.

A simple soulution to compassion.

Re-solved WE can make a difference.

written by: Al Duval

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