To Allow Divine Will

To Allow Divine Will

written by: Jesse An Nichols George
by: Jesse An Nichols George
To allow divine will To allow divine will

Do you really turn things over to Divine Will? Do you really trust that Divine Will is in your best interest? Do you have fears that arise when you think of what Divine Will might be for you?

Many people were raised within the realms of one religion or another; or some sort of belief system. Often times, we have heard the term "Divine Will". Many religions will connect this judgment; which I find quite interesting, because there is no judgment within Divine Will.

When you have a source that is pure love, united, and omnipotent; it sees every piece but not as divided fighting conflicted teams. When we understand the workings of Divine Will, we know that it seeks us to know the ultimate bliss. Some may call this Heaven, Nirvana, or any other numerous names. I know I have talked about this in other posts.

Divine Will does not make us suffer or hurt or cause us any pain. We are the only ones that do that; and we do it through our own choices, and even then it is all subjective. What the human thinks is suffering; the soul may find beautiful and incredible.

So any time I see terms and concepts being put out there a lot. I have to explore it in terms of codes to share some greater understanding of it. Just like in caves; we are often in the dark about things, left without any sense of direction. However, the Divine did not DO this to us; it is an experience that we have chosen along the way.

Divine is something that is an energy in this world but not of it. This energy is representative of our true home; what we are and where we come from. It may feel at times as if it is doing nothing to help us, or isn't even present; yet in reality it is pausing and observing, taking the time to tune into joy a catalyst that propels us into the next phase or stage.

It again takes time to reflect and reconnect to be aware of what is needed for the given situation; and then "trusts" or knows that it is done. This is a great path for us to consider if we are to tune into our true soul self and nature outside of this world.

In addition, the Will, is about sudden shifts and changes, upheaval; and great movement which is based in wisdom and happens through being connected with one's power. It is the will that makes the adjustments so that things can happen; but it also asks us to be wise in how we are using that power. When wisdom combines with power we have transition and transformation; but when used unwisely it leaves us full of turbulence.

When the Divine and Will come together we have an energy pattern of being practical, meeting responsibilities, and handling our daily affairs. It says do not trust others outside of yourself; and be prepared to walk alone where needed, and to stand on your own.

Then when we add the action of allow; it brings in a dynamic of important lessons. This shows that we have to re-direct and get back to what is purposeful and truly of our nature. It is a time where we cannot escape our lessons in life; and to move on we must stay with things until we learn out lessons.

Now, as we bring the whole things together of Allowing Divine Will or To Allow Divine Will; we find that the lessons we learn bring great success and happiness. It is an aspect of showing trust and turning it over to the greatest wisdom of all which is Divine Will. This can also about being a voice or living example of breaking out of or free from mental anxiety and suffering.

The code patterns are literally showing that to allow Divine Will is to bring relief to what troubles you. So every time we "turn it over" or "surrender" to Divine Will; we are allowing the greatest and wisest energy to resolve and dissolve what challenges us. As we do this; we are freeing up our minds and hearts; and thus allow our suffering to be removed.

written by: Jesse An Nichols George

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