To The Light

To The Light

written by: Mark Janssen
by: Mark Janssen

A friend asked me to come to hiss tore in downtown Santa Fe to bless it. He had been through a period of several changes in personnel and appearance. The store no longer looked like it had when we first met. His main assistant had also left. That had brought about much other changes in staff. He was ready for his store to be blessed.

We had set a time and day. Everything was set. Suddenly, everything changed.

While I was preparing for my day, the archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael came to me. They told me that I had to do more than a blessing. I was instructed to perform an exorcism.

That was a surprise.

I knew my friend's shop was in the oldest part of Santa Fe. The neighborhood was settled long before the Spanish, pueblo or Anasazi Indians appeared on the scene. The earliest settlers in the Americas—the original Americans with ancestors from present day Africa—lived in that part of the city. Being in the oldest part of the city does not necessarily mean terrible things.

Several blocks away at the site of the four hundred-year-old San Miguel Church there is little question of bloodshed and spirits of the murdered. It is the site of an ancient Indian holy place. Also, spirits have told me that during the Pueblo Revolt of 1680 Spaniards and Indians were killed in and around San Miguel.

The store did not carry any of that weight. Yet, I have always felt old Spanish and Indian souls in the area. Not everybody had heeded the call to go Home when their physical lives ended.

We arranged to meet early. While I prepared, my friend began to tape me. I had spent the hours before in prayer so I immediately began the prayers to exorcise the evil spirits and send Home any good spirits there or nearby. I walked around the store pulling out spirits. I sent them to the Tunnel of Light that was open near the middle of the building. When the inside was completed, I walked around the outside of the building telling the spirits to go to the Tunnel inside. I warned them I would take no foolishness from them. I saw a few who were hesitant grabbed by angels and taken inside where they were guided to the Tunnel.

Making a complete sweep, I returned inside the building. There I closed the Tunnel of Light. I also blessed the store as was originally intended. I've been asked how I do it. Do I use candles, incense, holy water, etc.?

None of the above.

I simply bless a place in my name and in the Name of God. It's a technique that has worked since the times of the biblical prophets and before.

Having blessed the place, I blessed my friend.

That was it. The whole thing, beginning to end, lasted less than ten minutes. In this particular case, my friend told me that the building was both physically brighter and just felt lighter. I'm a curious old cat. I wanted to see for myself, so I went to his store another day. It really was brighter.

It does not come as any sort of shock or surprise that when I'm told to do an exorcism or spirit sending, it is successful. I have learned to trust in the Voice.

Why me? That is the issue I have never understood. We each know ourselves inside and out. There are a lot of things that just are in this life. We did not cause them to be nor can we remove them. They simply are.

For over thirty years I've been asking my confessor Why me? He says now what he did all of those years ago. Why not? He reminds me of the prophets. Most of them were crystal clear about who they were and they couldn't prevent the Lord from using them. Same with me.

It is time to accept the lesson all over again.

Time to feel it deeply in our souls.

It is time to keep moving to the light.

written by: Mark Janssen

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