TV Addiction

TV Addiction

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Tv addiction Tv addiction

The knowledge is flowing in as our Year of Miracles class had a revolutionary breakthrough discovering TV viewing was inhibiting regeneration. The big surprise is TV shows (not all but many) are a spiritual interference. The nature of these shows is: amalgamated, controlling, damaging, deceptive, harmful, intertwined, parasitical, illusion, delusion, demonic and intolerant. (thank you Katherine for asking the question!)

As I was searching for what is this about and what problems are the folks who watch regular TV experiencing, I got this:

Addiction obsession

Reduced results with regeneration

Health problems

Money and success problems

Love and relationship problems

Delude a person into unreal 'alrightness' by causing body chemistry to alter as a show is being watched

Shuts off brain waves

Adds information to amplification and perception

Lowers body frequency

Encourages alien occupation

Control the masses, still the unrest and uneasiness from being overtaken by many interferences, hypnotize and delude into a sense of everything is okay.

I was very surprised to learn 70% and sometimes more of human spirit leaves the body when set into the trance like state of watching TV.

So many of our year of miracles folks have taken on the 1-month challenge to drop the pattern of viewing TV shows.

We were also testing for the energy vibration of what can be watched, and uplifting happy musicals seemed to be a better choice, still understanding you are shutting off a brain wave and your spirit is leaving at least partially.

Be part of the ongoing discussions, lively and truly revolutionary, in all our year-long programs. As we soon move into the school year, I invite you to commit to a deeper level of learning, awareness and full self expression. If you're not getting full regeneration after doing classes, are you thwarting your efforts?

We are on a roll! Not just aliens interfere with our lives...although they play a significant role..learn more and take action!