Understanding the meaning of life

Understanding the meaning of life

written by: Mrs. Jeanne Jessica A.
by: Mrs. Jeanne Jessica A.
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Sooner or later, every human being is asking the question "Why am I here, and who am I?" There are many ways to explain the meaning of life. What I am going to write here is just one way to explain it. At the end, there is no right or wrong—because as the wonderful Wayne Dyer used to

say: "You'll see it, when you believe it."

Therefore, what I write here is only my own personal humble story, and I am far, far away from pretending to know any answers. I just have my own way to understand it, and this is what I will share here with you, that's all. Yes, I do believe in a Divine Source and in the Divine Realms....

Maybe, just maybe.... maybe, you are a Divine Being of Love, Light and Consciousness, a beautiful Soul from Divine Source. As that Soul, living in the Divine Realms, you are eternal. And because it is in the nature of the Divine Universe to expand and to explore, same as all others, you incarnated in a human body on this beautiful Planet Earth.

And so, you came into this Planet Earth as a human being in a physical body - and you forgot everything you knew before your birth here. You forgot your Divine Source. You forgot your own Divinity. You forgot your Divine Wisdom. You forgot how much Divine Source loves and adores You. You forgot who you were, who you are.

Instead of all that, you learned that you were "human only", very limited, depending on certain things for survival. While this may be true for the physical part of you for the time of this life in this human body, you often felt that there is more to discover.... and you were right.

This is where we appreciate the work of Gregg Braden who asked the spiritual teachers "What is it that keeps the Universe together?" and their answer was always the one word "Compassion."

Compassion reminds us that we all come from the one Divine Source. Compassion is why we all do help each other. The more you remember your Soul, the more you feel all those feelings such as love and compassion. No, not human love. We are talking about the eternal and unconditional, Divine Love. Because Love is the essence of who you are.

That kind of love is never demanding, never expecting, never limiting, never excluding. That kind of love always wants to share, to include, to help, to heal and to give. That love is always flowing, always expanding, always growing. For that is what Divine Love does.

And that is what you too, you wish to do. Because you are part of that Divine Love. Because Your Soul comes from Divine Source. And you are your Soul. Love is part of You, because Love is what your Soul is made of: Love, Light and Consciousness. And you as the human being, you do have access to all of that - as soon as you decide to connect with your Higher Self again.

That is why you do feel happy and fulfilled when you can share love. And that is why you feel sad, when you can't share love, when you're holding back love from your brothers and sisters. Your Soul loves You and wants to reconnect with you, wants you to remember who you are. In meditation, in moments of stillness and relaxation, during prayers, you can more and more feel that love, it is always available to you. These are the first steps that we all have to discover, to practice, to do, to learn. It really is a learning by doing, for all of us.

Could it be that the meaning of life is to remember yourself where you came from? To remember who you really are - and to allow yourself to be who you really are: a beautiful Soul, a being of Divine Love, Divine Light, Divine Consciousness.

And sure, we all tend to forget again, as soon as we go out into the world into daily life distractions. But as soon as you find a quiet place, a moment of stillness, gently ask your Soul to reveal itself to you—- and it will show you the path: your own Soul is your greatest teacher.

This path of remembering, of healing, of awakening to who you really are, it is a very personal path. Because you are unique, your life story is unique, and so you have your unique unfolding on your path back home to Your Divine Source.

You sometimes hear people say that it is important to "live from the heart". What they mean is: Living as the Soul that you are. When you are living as the Soul that you are, you are expressing love and compassion. As the Soul, you are naturally in alignement with Divine Source, and then you do have Divine Consciousness. This is the goal of meditation: to be One with your Divine Source, to tune into that Divine Consciousness.

The more you remember your Soul, the more you experience peace and healing. You'll experience healing of the emotional body, layer by layer. As you surrender all your wounds to your Higher Divine Self, you'll receive peace in exchange. And then, you'll share love and compassion with others naturally.

To be continued.....

thank you,

Jeanne Jessica