written by: Al Duval
by: Al Duval
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Universal Souls, Unified Souls, Unique Souls, US. How can US be explained? Elementally!

Elementally, we are all the same atoms, cellular, we are all the same elements, genetically, we are all the same cells. Though in 7 billion people no two are exactly a like. The Quantum so specific and so elusive. The Divine manifested in MYTH. A unique, unified universal experience having US!

These elements, these genes, these cells, all have a universal pattern in particles and waves. Divine intelligence to manifest a perfect now Synchronized for a Divine Ever Present Reality, manifesting our lives and our dreams. Ever changing never ending NOW! An atomic dance hence, SHIVA, (Nataraja), an omnipotence exposing itself through myth.

How does this become US?

Vibration created by introducing a single particle continuously, eternally manifesting a wave of consciousness. The potency of this wave manifests the elemental. The consistency of this wave manifests movement. The purpose of this wave manifests unification.

An elemental movement to unify. The waves become US, formulated by the Divine to be an ever present never ending play. In a play there are parts to play, Illusions to create, eloquence to display, perfectly reproducible every day! We are the players, the builders, The producers and the illusion.

These actions are predetermined. Each wave has dimensions infinitely available. We define these waves as Waves of light, waves of air waves of water, waves of earth. Elementally they break down into individual particles. These particles identify by being NOW They cannot be left behind or moved forward! They exist to be NOW!

A rainbow exists when sun light passes through rain, creating a prism. Interaction of light and water creates a segregation identifying the dimensions of light. When light (prana) passes through US, 85% water, it creates multiple vibrations, each with a different message. We are these messages each interpreted as US. We are the vibrational frequencies of these divine waves.

written by: Al Duval

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