Weekly Stars September 1-8, 2017-Crystal Talismans

Weekly Stars September 1-8, 2017-Crystal Talismans

written by: Lisa Paron
by: Lisa Paron
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Weekly Stars September 2017

The Sun will be in Virgo until the 22nd encouraging people to really look at the facts, analyze, do your own

research and investigate the facts. This month our main focus will shift to more serious matters of work, and health. You will gain the most effectively by using this time wisely to study, improving your health, illuminating waste as well as being frugal with your money. Virgos have a keen and highly critical eye, so the next month we will be having a closer inspection of all things not working in our lives, finding a way to fix them and making them the most efficient.

This is a good time to begin a new course of study or to really dive in and become a master of some skill or talent you have already possess. Sun in Virgo is also a good time to advance at work. This is a good time to really stick your nose to the grind stone at work and be noticed favorably. Seek employment or investigate a new job.

Now is the time to start a new health regime, maybe changing up your diet or exercise. You may want to go through your possessions that you no longer need and donate them to charity. Use this time to take care of your health and cleanse or remove things from your life that no longer serve you.

The first week of September we also have the planet Mercury retrograde or in a backwards state of energy. If possible, wait until the second week to start anything new this month as the energy is quite erratic, unpredictable and unstable. Things seldom go as planned or turn out the way we expect when they are initiated during a Mercury retrograde. Especially when there are still three planets and an asteroid in retrograde. Better still, you wait until October of it is really important.

Weekly Stars September 1-8

Friday 1

Moon in Capricorn

The Moon in Capricorn is excellent for studying serious subjects, concentrating on work, seeking employment or creating a foundation for something you want to last a long time. The Moon in Capricorn is favorable for purchasing land, a home, real estate, or purchasing antiques. People in general will be in the mood for facts and may display a cool disposition.

If you're in the garden, the Moon in Capricorn is a good time for tending to perennials, working with the earth, as well as fertilizing.

Saturday 2

Mars trine Uranus 28 degrees Leo and Aries

Mars in Leo makes an extremely favourable angle with Uranus in Aries at 28° activating the Solar eclipse degree from back in August. People in general will have increased physical energy, courage and will have a very strong sense of adventure at this time. This is when people do during or unusual acts. These are the courageous acts that you shake your head at when you're watching the video of someone walking from one building to another on a tight rope for instance. This makes people do exciting or crazy things just on a dare.

This is a favorable aspect to launch a new portion of your website as well as to have an inventive streak, you may discover you're just as inventive as good old MacGyver. It's possible there will be an announcement of a major scientific or space related discovery, invention or mission.

Moon enters Aquarius

The Moon in Aquarius is an excellent time to get out and mingle with your friends and acquaintances. It's an excellent time to join a group or organize Asian as well as to do research especially if it is something metaphysical such as astrology. The likelihood of running into unusual or eccentric people is higher than normal. People in general will feel like exhibiting their individuality and marching to the beat of their own drum. This is a wonderful time to purchase a book or computer program. UFO sightings are heightened during the moon in Aquarius.

The Moon in Aquarius is not very favorable for gardening however it is suitable for pruning, pest control, weeding, general maintenance or harvesting.

Sunday, September 3

Mercury conjunct Mars 28° Leo

Mercury conjunct mars at 28° of Leo will really kick up the heat and not as well as the drama and you might be feeling more feisty than usual. This fiery energy activates last month solar eclipse producing a fiery passion in people in general. This will also make people somewhat blunt so if you're not prepared for an answer, don't ask in the first place or you might be sorry. You might feel your body is feeling especially hot or you feel extremely agitated and you don't know why but it will pass quickly.

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