What Chewing Gum Can Do for You?

What Chewing Gum Can Do for You?

written by: Ms. Alberte Ravix
by: Ms. Alberte Ravix
Massaging neck Massaging neck

Chewing gum can help rejuvenate the Neck

The skin of your neck skin is thinner than facial skin and it lacks adnexal structures, so it tends to lose elasticity sooner. Here is a little exercise you can do to rejuvenate your neck, as suggested by dermatologist Dr. Ciraldo.

The 10 minute, twice a day chewing gum exercise

Every morning and night, chew sugarless gum for at least 10 minutes. As simple as it sounds, chewing effectively exercises the floor of the mouth and all of the neck muscles. The neck is essentially a band of muscles, which start to get flabby and appear saggy when they are not used. Keep some gum in the car for the commute to work, or chew some at home when you watch TV at night – it will be worth it.

If you have problems with your jaws, raise your chin as far as possible and hold for a few seconds, relax and repeat twenty times.