What facial massage can do for you

What facial massage can do for you

written by: Ms. Ricardina Guimaraes
by: Ms. Ricardina Guimaraes
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Facial massage techniques and aromatherapy have been used for thousands of years for beauty and health. Bringing them together in The Good Skin Guru's Massage Technique reinforces the inherent benefit of each method but also forces them to act in synergy, producing a result greater than the sum of their individual effects.

Initially, the benefit of facial massage is to some extend mechanical. Rubbing and pressure simply stimulate the circulation of blood and fluids, benefiting the muscle tone and the functions of both the dermis and hypodermis. But the stimulation of the pressure points also triggers a natural healing process, which, in conjunction with essential oils, reduces inflammation and destroys undesirable micro-organisms. The end result is to clear the skin more effectively than any ordinary cosmetic treatment.

Regular use of facial massage with a blend of essential oils initiates a more profound form of healing. The energising effect achieved by stimulating pressure points on the face is reinforced by the regenerative, regulating properties of the essential oils so that the skin is revitalised, toxins are eliminated more effectively, fluids and temperature are regulated, and the toning of the underlying facial muscles begins. Fatty deposits along the jawline may gradually disappear and fine lines may fill up. But, most important of all, by using this technique regularly, you can in time slow down the loss of elastin and the breakup of collagen – the main cause of wrinkles. In addition, at this stage regular application of the right essential oils blend can help heal scars, repair tissue, hydrate the skin, and regulate sebum.

Accurate results are difficult to predict because so much is dependent upon the condition of your skin when you begin, but the following indications are realistic if you establish a regular routine of self-massage treatments and a professional per month.

Late twenties and early thirties – after five or six weeks, there will be visible changes in the tone and colour of the skin. Continue with facial massage to maintain a healthy, youthful skin.

Late thirties and early forties – after six weeks or more, fine wrinkles may fade, and there should be a definite improvement in the colour, tone, and general appearance of the skin. You may also begin to see some firming on the jawline.

Late forties onward – after eight to ten weeks, the quality of the skin should be much improved, and the jawline should be firmer. It is important to continue the massage to consolidate progress.

To download my self-massage guide go to The Good Skin Guru Facial Massage page and book a professional treatment.

Love your skin!

Ricardina x