What is a Soul Contract?

What is a Soul Contract?

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Soul contract Soul contract

Another contract we've been really looking at closely in our trainings lately is soul contract. I want to clarify that we, in our culture, have been calling a soul contract something we set up that's problematic to possibly move us forward spiritually. This, however, is not the accurate.

A soul contract is a contract made by one of our ancestors. They're always made in the darker/evil bent and affect often many generations. It's like a part of the soul has been purchased for some gain they (your ancestor) had gotten.

So then we look at more carefully at soul: protective chalice of spirit, and ask, are there anchors stopping my full rejuvenation and wealth acceleration, or love life that I can now clear? We've never looked at it this way before. Essence will be a very, very exciting training this year, as I estimate most humans own their soul only about 20%, meaning that contracts from previous generations have claimed rights to you and your life in body. (Remember soul is an aspect of Essence we use when we are in body only). This is projected forward strongly from family timeline.

As for what we have been naming as soul contract: it is more in the realm of an agreement or covenant. I'm tempted to name it Lifecycle covenant, a promise over a period of time to gain wisdom through some difficulty or challenge that you agreed to willingly know you had the resources to use this for your good and growth, and that you were free to end it, usually after an incarnation, whether it was fulfilled/completed to the level of growth you had intended or not. It's not anchored to soul but is part of your spirit path and part of your spiritual timeline.