What is Sin? Karma, Crime, Malice ….

What is Sin? Karma, Crime, Malice ….

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Sin Sin

In a recent one-to-one session I was asked about the Christian concept of sin. What is it, and how do I rectify it if I have done it? The pastor at our church has been talking about the 10 commandments. These 10 edicts are a good example of sins...thou shalt not do ...

But what exactly is sin really in simple every day 2019 terms and why would we want to avoid it?

Sin is a crime we do against ourself. Something we say or do that lowers our joy, and potential. Or something we do against another that causes a problem needing resolution because now we have weighed ourself down with an anchor of harm, which ultimately if left unchecked, uncleared at the end of our life will need to be repaired and resolved in another lifetime (karma)

The wages of sin is death Romans 6:23. So the price of harming ourself is death, death of joy, love relationships hope... it all goes down the drain when we're on a path of living life poorly. The completion you may not know of the above verse is But the gift of God is Eternal life through Christ Jesus Our Lord. Eternal life through our guide to unconditional unending love.

I began exploring the concept of sin when I was considering divorce many years ago. I'd been married to an abusive alcoholic, and every day was miserable. I had a belief that divorce was a sin, and having really strived for a perfect spiritual life, I did not want to take that step. But every day I lived in unhappiness unable to celebrate the glory of god, in nature, my children, art, everyday I could not feel happy was a day living against my self and against the full self expression and joy that was meant for me.

In this way the one sin of Divorce and then the right to live in joy every day thereafter was a much better choice than a life lived unhappy and suffering. We're meant to live in the Garden of Eden every day. To enjoy our life, grow, learn and evolve. You could think about your life and based on who you are if you spend hours watching TV on social media and surfing the net rather than writing your book, working on your quantum transformation, filling your mind with inspiration and divine connection, this life style could be 'sinful' meaning it is something that is taking you away from your best life and best self.

In our Academy we have very good folks, high energy, spiritual conscious loving people who really care. Looking at sin in this way ins an opportunity to raise the bar for yourself and live even better. Align with your best most wondrous life! It's a process you can start today, with baby steps as you progress through your long very healthy happy life!

I believe in you!