What is Woo Woo Anyway?

What is Woo Woo Anyway?

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Woo-woo Woo-woo

So, first off thank you. Thank you for being you. Thank you for seeing and recognizing the truth of the work we do together and for seeing the realness of our trainings. It always blows me away when someone speaks to me about our topic being woo woo...I always am shocked..I know I shouldn't be, but I am that we go into the woo woo category.

Let's really take a look at it. The reality stuff that is not considered woo woo, like for example the news set at about 70 vibrationally or the stock market set at about 80 vibrationally, speak to a mass consciousness about what has been and is low frequency, not hard to believe. What we do in our trainings has little to do with these low frequencies, the topics are set typically about 700, so that we're intentional about moving folks into enlightened mastery in this lifetime. The clearing charts once cleared are set at 3000+, pure truth shifting up to the quantum field of transformation.

Your "Real Life Makeover" is happening in the dramatic shifting up you're able to do in the quantum field of transformation, as you train, meditate, pump and practice! Everyone who takes on training with me for a year or more will be able to count on their vibrational rate shifting up, take that further, and become a Foundational or Trailblazing Apprentice or Year of Miracles student in the sacred inner sanctum space with me as you mentor loving, believing in you and supporting your shifts, you special devoted ones will rise even to greater heights!

I spoke with a Business coach, who I really like, who was tripping over his words when he heard we had not only been restoring our Essence students, but had also been working to restore the 1500 angelic helpers, and additional divine beings, as I worked in the divine blueprint and blasted a shift of epic proportions for both the students and our angelic +++ supporters. Many tingles, and tears of joy felt as we progress in the totally new curriculum of Essence! I love what we do, and the level we play at, wouldn't want it any different, or dumbed down...I know there are many whose hearts are open to this and in the coming year as I open a study for autism (more about this soon) I can think a better description than wou wou is WOW WOW!!!

We are on the map, our global earth day press release got picked up by over 2000 news agencies! We are being seen. You, are one of the early implementers you are the big winner, thanks for being with me on this incredible journey!