What we can give each other?!

What we can give each other?!

written by: Dr. Khayala Chalabi
by: Dr. Khayala Chalabi
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Lets think about what we can give each other. Really, what can we give others as we don't have anything? Or how come we can give something we don't own already? When we don't look at the world from this perspective, we can assume that we give things to people. For instance material things or time, attention or information, etc. But the point is we only mediate in order to things to be given, not "we give things to others". This is reality. When we are asked to give something and we do, actually we only accept the task of mediating. When we give something to people we aren't aware of the fact that we are only the mediators because the way we feel is based on the false assumption that we give things ourselves. It's not easy for us to accept that no matter what, somebody is going to carry out that task, if we don't.

Well then, is there anything that we can give, in this world? Sure there is. The most difficult, appreciated and important one is giving "freedom". This is difficult in so much that sometimes we risk to give everything we have, in order to not to give freedom.

On the surface, despite the fact that we condemn, blame those people who restrict someone's freedom, we inwardly do the same. If only we realized that. For instance, can we give those freedom who don't love, like, betray and mock us to do them all? It's understandable and natural to keep them at bay and set strong personal boundaries to protect ourselves. But do we observe them as the way they are without getting angry, feeling sad and dissappointed when we take steps like that? Can we remain neutral without having resistances like "He/she shouldn't have done that." "This shouldn't have been like this" ? Most of the time, NO.

Can we sincerily support the person we love to furtherance of the way he/she choose? Do we help them becoming free even if losing them is within the bounds of possibility?

Or else do we expect them to be grateful for the golden cage we "give" by keeping them in the golden cage with the wings we broke? In this way, we experience the pride of "giving everything" as well as enjoying being safe.

How beautiful and "wisely" fictionalized this strategy is. It's obvious that it is planned by a childish innocence manner. The child inside of us..

A child who believes that he can be free by restricting others, trying to make them dependent on him. An innocent child who is not aware of the fact that he is becoming dependent by doing these. A child who is frightened to death of becoming free inwardly.

But we are not made up of this child. The best gift we can give to him/her is - freedom.

The more people we can set free inside of us by allowing them to be as the way they are without controlling them the more we can let go of the fear of being free.

Lets set them free in order to be free.

Khayala Chalabi

written by: Dr. Khayala Chalabi

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