What you can do to Embody Peace regardless of the chaos

What you can do to Embody Peace regardless of the chaos

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Embody-peace Embody-peace

With so much movement in my life, the academy, my home life and Adelia's new school situation, I've been working towards a daily routine as well as overall weekly goals towards landmark steps to creating the life we will love now, 5 - 10 - 20 even 50 years in the future.

Friday, as Adelia went to school, I had time to move through the world a bit faster with less effort. I had many objectives with my day, some were urgent needs like getting a car wash and a quick run to get organic foods, while other things will affect our life for the better for years to come.

Two weeks back, I researched a top rated bank in my area. It had personal concierge service, was in a convenient location and had an amazing reputation. I met with Harlon for about an hour, who has become my personal banker, and have established a checking and money market account with this bank. I plan to move the business accounts there after I have a real sense of the service, but from what I can see, this is ideal for us. They can come to us in a pinch, pick up, drop off, no ATM fees local or international and the money market for our liquid savings is 1.5, which in this economy is good.

So we discussed numerous items I'm currently working on. Financial peace comes not only with being able to earn money, but to be getting the best possible scenario out of every situation. I can tell you, that I'm doing this in every part of my life. In the Beauty program, and also our quantum clearing of Arthritis, we asked what am I doing, putting in or on my body to create inflammation and toxicity? I've been working on changing over to healthier choice everything, hair products, organic skin care, foods, just all around better choices for my beauty and juicy joints, which make me feel more youthful and beautiful, and this too establishes a sense of well being and peace.

  1. Savings. My goal is 6 months of expenses, I currently have saved 2 months. This should be liquid, not tied up in a mutual fund or stocks. It's your emergency stash if you meet with an unexpected obstacle.
  2. Non-taxable college fund is for education. I may be able to use Adelia's college fund even now as I pay for private education. This would be wonderful as tutions even in preschool in our area are much like sending a child to a community college at 2. Non-taxed money would make a real difference.
  3. Setting up a new will and trust to reflect all the changes, and to insure my adopted children will be the recipients of my nest egg if anything should happen that's unplanned with my future. I've filled out the will questionnaire and next on my list is to set an appointment with the referral I got for an attorney in my area who will help me set up a living trust.
  4. Health care account. Turns out last year while searching for health insurance the type I bought for the year I was not able to use my healthcare account so November is the time we can change accounts and you know I will. The health care account allows you to have your high deductible expenses made with tax free money as with the education account. With children and legal requirements for school entry we are required a certain number of visits and vaccines legally, knowing this we can plan carefully and be smart. My account is already in place, so now a correction in the type of medical insurance will be made for a better year next year.
  5. Contributing the maximum allowed to the IRA, also tax-free money, and a good nest egg for future years when I may choose less work hours.
  6. 2 weeks ago I changed my car insurance set up. I paid my car off about 6 months back so I removed the collision which would be damage to my car, I would never turn it in any way. I always wanted the best rate so I have always dealt with little bumps and scratches on my own. This saved us $1100 a year. And if there ever was a big problem, I have the emergency funds.

And finally the home, we had a few things on our home inspection I am beginning to research doing repairs. It doesn't have to be done all at once, but having a plan in place, knowing what the budget will be can do wonders to the calm in the unconscious mind, and cut down on surprise expenses. I had figured if I paid a certain amount extra on my mortgage I could have it payed off in 7-8 years. Now there will be months with the new baby I won't be earning as much so it will likely be more time, and I am anticipating ending up with 3 children, but even if I do this some of the time it will make a difference in the long run.

Peace I think, comes from having and working a plan. Thank goodness for all the clearings I have done that allow me to stay on track while my demanding life and ;) daughter could but do not take me off track.