When life doesn’t seem to be working, what then?

When life doesn’t seem to be working, what then?

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Life isn t working Life isn t working

We've all had a few times when life seems to be haywire. Your dreams are going the opposite direction, your life is in turmoil and you just can't seem to get a break. What do you do when that happens?

I know most folks begin to recount the problems to whoever will listen and begin to start a snowball of chaos rolling into the coming days and months of their life. This activates the field of amplification (law of attraction field). If you're in one of those times, take a deep breath and get your spirit in your body. When you're stressed out (notice 'stressed out' goes hand in hand with 'spirit out' of body, feeling weak, and life force down) I encourage you to immediately reclaim your happy life even with less than optimal circumstances.

Let's look for a moment at what might be happening. First off it could be a astrological shift, pulling on your unique chart in a negative way. If that's the case those transits are often short lived and you can know it will soon be over. You can also pump to clear cycles, as that is what astrological shifts are.

I'm also thinking about one of our new programs:

Lifecycle covenant – (Often referred to as a soul contract) this is a promise over a period of time to gain wisdom through some difficulty or challenge that you agreed to willingly knowing you had the resources to use this for your good and growth, and that you were free to end it, usually after an incarnation, whether it was fulfilled/completed to the level of growth you had intended or not. It's not anchored to soul but is part of your spirit path and part of your spiritual timeline. You either during an incarnation or just prior to incarnating. You have agreed to this with yourself similar to an energetic timeline. Where in Blueprint perception Essence Energy Amplification and Nature of Controlling Harmful Suppressing Delusion Apathetic Deceptive Parasitical Cruel Intolerant.

Taking on the idea that everything is in Divine Order no matter how things seem to appear, and trusting that your life will be better in some way from the challenging time is a good start towards dissolving, or moving rapidly through the issue. If however there is great struggle, lots of validation that it is your problem, then you anchor the problem to stay even longer. Thing about the "This is not me statement" it really works to shoo away a troublesome issue fast. Why would we treat a life circumstance any differently?

You're gaining wisdom and knowledge about the secrets of the universe, and the field of amplification is one of those supporting realms that will support your belief, good or bad, so believe for the good. Thank God or the universe for the shift already happening, use your mind to see it turn around and relax and be grateful for all that is working in your life!