When People Lie in Order to Justify Their Actions

When People Lie in Order to Justify Their Actions

written by: Jesse An Nichols George
by: Jesse An Nichols George
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"...when people...lie in order to justify their actions..." ~ Activating Compassion ~

What kind of society have we created, that people will lie in order to get the time to take care of themselves? Has our society become so robotic that we are not concerned with personal well-being? Have you ever found yourself justifying to others why you are not doing something with them, or meeting commitments and responsibilities?

Fortunately, there are parts of the world that are acknowledging people again and moving away from treating them like a machine for production. They are opening the door to shorter work weeks with the same pay, personal time, pet grieving time and much more. Hopefully, more countries will get on board and realize the value and cost effectiveness of employee well-being.

While it is a great lesson to learn not to over-extend ourselves with responsibilities and obligations; there is no need for us to have to lie and justify taking time for ourselves. This is part of being strong in yourself. Self-care is as important as staying home when you have the flu. If you are not in a mental or emotional space to handle things; it will only create extra work, and lead to things having to be re-done later.

I think one of the great lessons in my life was to learn to just be open that I was taking time for me. No guilt, no explanation, and no justification. To simply stand in honoring myself, is enough. Those that need reasons or justifications for me doing this; are not the ones that I need in my life. For these are the same people that tend to want to control our lives.

Now, I am a pretty open book, and usually don't mind sharing things; but I have no interest in those that feel the need to pressure me into justifying my actions. This is part of learning to take command of your life. A simple, "I AM doing this." No discussion needed.

When we choose to lie, we send ourselves down a path where self care can turn self destructive; because the lie is often tied into guilt, which offsets the care we are giving ourselves. However, when we openly say. I AM taking some time to care for myself (and then stand by that); we open a door to our own abundance and well being.

You don't owe anyone anything. You don't owe them explanations or justifications. Your well being comes first; for only from that space will you be able to be available to others.

written by: Jesse An Nichols George

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