When you Stop Listening - Help is on the Way!

When you Stop Listening - Help is on the Way!

written by: Ms. Megan Edge
by: Ms. Megan Edge
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Your External Guides and Energy Beings

In my previous article, we looked at our fascination with the concept of Spirit Guides and discussed why it is that it may feel at times that there isn't anyone listening – because your Guides know how wise you already are and want you to do as much of the work as you can before they step in. In this next article, we'll look at the Second Level of Intuition where your intuitive guidance is coming from outside of yourself and how you can connect with your Guides to better hear their guidance.

When you deny your human wisdom your guides and energy beings step in. This is the second level of intuition. Whether you believe that there are angels and guides around you, at a certain point in your decision-making process, especially if you are denying or ignoring the guidance that is coming to you from yourself, something outside of yourself comes in and tries to get your attention. I call these Energy Beings. Some people call them Angels, others call them Guides; they don't care what you call them, it's just to know that there's a force outside of yourself that wants you to be on the path that you chose when you came into this lifetime.

These are the forces that propel you towards certain people or experiences which are geared to helping you see the solutions and answers to your situations. Once again, you often don't listen to or see the opportunities to create change in your life. Even though that "chance encounter" happened and you started to question your career choice, for example, you can still refuse to see the possibilities open to you.

You have free will; you don't have to pay attention to any of this information as it comes in. Free will exists at every level of intuition; you can choose not to listen; you can choose not to see the solution that's for your highest good. It's completely your choice, and supported by those Energy Beings that are around you. They are very patient. They might be shaking their heads saying "...Really? ...again?... " but they will stand by you.

So who and what are Spirit Guides?

Spirit Guides are outside of your physical body. Many believe Spirit Guides have already spent a considerable amount of time in their own human experiences, graduating to the level of Spirit Guide – that is, Beings who have enough lessons learned, growth, and healing under their belts to be qualified to help those on the Earth level navigate this human experience.

This isn't necessarily a linear evolution. During a class on Spirit Guides that I took many years ago, our teacher took us into a visualization to discover when we had been a Spirit Guide for someone else, as part of our Soul evolution. This was a new concept for me and I was not expecting any results.

And yet, I went into my soul's experiences of having been a Spirit Guide for someone else. This had a profound effect on me as I experienced the heartbreak and frustration of being a Guide for someone who chose not to follow the path their Soul had set out on.

During the meditation, I found myself as a Guide for a young, Japanese boy. He lived in a fine home with his sister and their parents. Even as I write this I can feel the energy of his home and the surrounding town. They lived on a hill and I remember looking out over the green valley and feeling the peacefulness of his life.

As he grew, war came to the land. At the age of 14 he had two choices in front of him; to become a warrior or to follow the path of the venerated artist. I watched as he turned from the path he set for himself, to be the Peaceful Warrior, making a difference to his world through his creativity, and set himself on the path of the Warrior Soldier. I watched him rise to great fame in the military and saw how his precision and attention to detail served him well on his chosen path.

Only it wasn't the path his Soul had planned, even though we all knew this crossroads would be reached and he would have to make his own choice, of his own free will. As his Spirit Guide, I could do nothing to influence his decision, beyond opening him to his own yearnings for peace and beauty by trying to help him remember what he wanted from this life of his. As heart-broken as I was by his choice, I loved him deeply and stayed with him, as was my choice.

From this experience, I have come to believe that, although Spirit Guides have infinitely more patience and understanding then we may accord ourselves for our seeming mistakes and poor choices, they are still close enough to the human experience that they have their limits as well. Which is a good thing, because as you begin to work more closely with the Energies around you, you will come to appreciate how little patience they have for letting you get away with not following your path.

The first time I became aware of one of my Spirit Guides occurred when I was a young adult. Strange things had been happening in my bedroom, especially in the walk-in closet. I was hearing noises I couldn't identify and items were being moved around my room. This wasn't the first time I experienced something like this so I was more curious than anything. I invited a friend over who could connect with spirits, as it was possible I had brought one home with me. In the end, it was something else entirely.

She asked me if I knew anyone named Joshua and a jolt of energy went through me. Just the other night I'd had a dream in which I was in a war – it was the Crimean, I was to find out later – and a young man, who I was very close to, took a musket bullet for me and as he was dying in my arms I heard myself say "Joshua!"

He told my friend that he had chosen in that moment of death to become my Spirit Guide in subsequent lives, to keep me safe, just like he did in that battle. He had been making the noises and moving things around to get my attention! Whenever I have seen him since, he is young, handsome and still wearing his uniform. He mostly comes to me in my dreams and on occasion simply shows up in my thoughts.

I'd like to share with you an exercise I use with my students to help you connect with and hear your Spirit Guide. Each of you has your own way of visualizing so please don't worry if you think of you're not a visual person. Your knowing might come in as feeling, colours, flashes of insight or words – simply allow whatever your experiences are to be perfect for you.

Sit or lie down comfortably. Take three deep breaths and on each exhale, allow your body to become heavier and more relaxed. Using your amazing imagination, take yourself to the most peaceful, beautiful environment you can imagine! Paint it all in! If you are not particularly visual allow your own way of feeling or sensing this beautiful space to be perfect. Become aware of colours and sounds and smells; make it as real as you can.

Once you feel settled in this environment, send out an invitation to one of your Guides to meet you here. Feel this invitation coming out from your heart and flowing in whatever direction it needs to. As you wait for their response continue to enjoy the environment you have created.

Now, stretch your intuitive awareness by connecting with all your senses, and notice that someone or something has arrived. Allow them to show up in whatever way they wish to. Remember, there are no wrong experiences with this. As you connect with them, ask a question or allow them to bring you a message, letting it be what it needs to be, staying connected to your imagination.

Once you feel that you have absorbed the answer or message invite them to return to wherever they visited you from, knowing you can reconnect with them again. Taking a deep breath in and exhale (counting to yourself 3) – with another deep breath and on the exhale, slowly open your eyes (counting 2) and with one more deep breath, on the exhale, look at something in your environment as you come back into this present time and place. (counting 1)

What or who did you see? Did you suspend disbelief long enough to let it be possible that you connected with an energy outside of yourself? I'd love to hear your experiences of this!

Stay tuned for my next article on the Third Level of Intuitive Wisdom - Universal Wisdom.

written by: Ms. Megan Edge

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