Why are the Rules Important?

Why are the Rules Important?

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Rules Rules

If you're like me, you may consider yourself a rebel and often break rules of societal norms and medical standards. I so get that. We are revolutionaries and innovators! Hooray for us!

So then why would I even have a conversation about rules? Because when you know the rules for any process you can become more successful, feel safer and get better response and results.

I'm learning about this as I've worked side by side with a behavioral therapist for Adelia for close to 30 hours, and one key thing I'm noticing is consistency and clarity on what is expected. The thing is when we know the rules and then follow them we can get the best results. For example: If you properly follow the cellular neo genesis protocols, step-by-step your results will be far superior to just pumping and intention to create a shift, or just imagining and hoping things will change.

Rules like protocols exist to create both a sense of safety and of excellent results. When you're participating in the Foundational and Trailblazer programs you're going through step-by-step processes for all our known quantum transformations. From DNA obliteration to muscle testing guidelines, to increasing your skill and results with pumping or charting, step-by-step you're mastering the best possible procedures to create dramatic lasting results using the quantum field of transformation.

You may not realize it but every time I go live on a training I'm setting us energetically for great results, prayer, affirmation, singing to raise even the frequency of the student who;s come into class stressed out and frazzled. By the time we get to the clearing chart, we've move everyone along to a much higher vibe so our clearings and regenerations can move along at a nice clip.

As Adelia's pointed out being two can be very confusing. Getting a handle on the rules, and having someone help you follow them with patience and perseverance is truly the way to be successful in all parts of life.

Break rules when they need to be broken...and follow our guidelines in trainings for the best possible results!