Why do I need to Meditate Daily for Regeneration if I’m attending

Why do I need to Meditate Daily for Regeneration if I’m attending

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
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I seem to get this question so often: Why do I need to meditate daily for my regeneration process if I'm attending class? I feel we likely need to talk about this more and come to a better understanding so you're confident with what the reasons are for what you're being asked to do.

Attending class gets you clearing for the most part in the quantum field and that's wonderful. It's true that you're in the field of transformation and this is an important part of what we're attempting to accomplish with daily meditations. Just doing quantum pumping and clearings, does not however do the spiritual shower from the inside out. The first 10 minutes of any longer meditation will help you cleanse and refresh, as if washing away any dark energies, and even spiritual interferences if done properly, which you do listening to my directions on any longer meditation.

Think about the simple steps we're doing: None of these 7 things are done attending class and pumping in the quantum field of transformation. All are very very helpful to moving forward. And let me tell you I can always tell when a one-to-one client hasn't been keeping up with the meditations, they seem lost and off track. Within a few days of returning to their daily practice they begin feeling wonderful once more.

  1. Connecting with your breath, pranic breath as we begin with a cleansing breath and releasing from the base of the spine with the first rounding cord.
  2. Releasing for men control energy (especially female control energy) and aggression competition from the male body grounding cord and females, releasing healing projects from your female grounding cord, so you can use your energy to heal yourself and move out other's energy that may have started to take up residence in your body.
  3. Releasing tension and stress built up in the adrenals, helping them to stay healthy and working well as well as clearing tension and traumas from the nervous system. Releasing the nervous system gets us out of fight or flight, the sympathetic system, and into the parasympathetic system which is the only place new cell growth and regeneration can happen.
  4. Clearing the center of head, when folks start with me they're often not the owner of their thoughts or the center of their head. Over time with clearings and meditations the mind becomes quiet, and focused, a place to enjoy and call home, daily meditation makes this possible on the long term.
  5. Removing the gunk in the aura, mending damage to the aura, things that you're exposed to on a daily basis. Just like working in the wheat fields, a noble and honorable but dirty profession, you'd always shower at the end of your day so too you need to clean up the aura.
  6. Running earth energy up your feet and legs, reconnecting in with this planet and your grounded happy relationship with the earth plan. Since many people don't have their spirit in their legs with is so important to assert your power and ownership as well as directing good energy through your leg channels.
  7. Running harmonious energy thought your human spirit access portal and down through your back channels, then looping up through the pelvic cradle and through the boy neck and head, out the top of the head, cleaning up the meridians and energy channels of the body.

I'm going to make an assertion, that you're not vibrating at 4000, and that you can not at will change your world. That what you do takes attention and some effort.

I know many are in class 4 days a week, so I have something I think you'll love. I'm making available a 10-minute meditation that has all the clear outs, to shorten your meditation time just the days you're in class. You'll find this below in the featured meditation of the week, towards the end. It includes the meditation and transcripts, 10 minutes, $10. It's not something we sell individually, but for this week only you can get this helpful, shorter meditation that fulfills your needs with daily meditation and the regeneration practice. Please just use this short one on the days you are in class.

I highly recommend our brand new program Quantum Transformation: Clearing with Meditation and Charts, which has four focused hours to delve deeper into the mysteries of meditation and our chart clearings, increasing your skill level and results dramatically.

Let me know how you like the 10-minute session, it's a bit of a marathon getting all the steps in in 10 minutes but it gets you all the clear out necessary in a shorter period of time.