Wish, Want, Create!

Wish, Want, Create!

written by: Ms. Megan Edge
by: Ms. Megan Edge
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This is such a special time of the year, wouldn't you agree? I love how the light looks and feels in summer. It's a time for sitting in the grass, watching the clouds go by and finding the hidden shapes within. There's a fullness to the energy of summer, where everything feels possible.

My mother used to say this is the best time of the year for wishing on dandelion seeds. Have you ever done this? Picked a stem of dandelion with all the seeds still attached, trying not to knock any of them off, taking a deep breath in and thinking of a wish you want to come true? Then blowing the seeds off the stem with your breath, sending the seeds floating away, carrying your wish with them.

Wishing is a form of magic, did you know this? Think of that wish you just gave to the dandelion seeds. Say it out loud. "I wish I had a pony". Feel the wish for a moment. Do you believe in the wish, do you believe it can come true? What happens when you change the word wish to want. Say it out loud now. "I want a pony."

Can you feel the difference? What's the first thing that comes into your mind about wanting the pony?

"How can I have a pony?"

You see, the wishing is passive while the wanting is active and immediately generates in your mind the need to know how the want can be accomplished.

A wish is only as good as the action you are willing to take to fulfill it once the wish has been stated. In and of itself, the statement of the wish reminds you of what you think isn't possible for yourself. It represents the limits you place on yourself. It's full of expectations and in that, it's self-limiting. The moment you make a wish you have already decided you can't do it.

The want or desire for something is much more powerful. Feel the wish and then move beyond it into the desire for the outcome you are projecting into the future with the wishing. Turn your wish into a want.

Now move into the creating of the want, the actions required to reach the goal. Sit with the question,

"How can I have this?"

Consider the question from a place of curiosity. Consider the question from the perspective of what's possible, before you consider it from the place of what's impossible. The moment you answer your fears and anxieties they're no longer fears; they become your allies.

Act on them instead of ignoring them. It's a brilliant system; you just haven't been taught how to navigate this way of thinking. When the same questions keep coming up, you're meant to pay attention. When the same fears and doubts come up, they're there for a reason – answer them! Then you have your solution.

Most people think that it's the questions that are preventing them from realizing their dreams and desires. Build the bridge in the way in which you answer your own questions or the questions of others. The questions have value; they are being asked for a reason. Change your relationship with the questions. Invite the questions and then answer them. It changes everything and opens you to the possibilities that the answers can provide.

Sit with the questions. Give them an answer. The questions are important. It's not the questions that are holding you back; they're waiting to be answered. Can you feel how different that energy is now? When you go into these questions and get upset with yourself for asking them, as if the questions reflect some failing in yourself, you stop the flow of creative thinking. Asking "How can I do this?" or "Who am I to climb that mountain, write that book or create that dream?" doesn't represent a failure; these are creative questions waiting for you to answer them. Who are you not to climb that mountain?

Think about how you can climb the mountain. What practical things do you need to do, have in place or overcome, to climb the mountain? The only reason you don't know something is that you aren't ready to know it. That's all it is. It takes the pressure off. Let the questions come into your mind and answer them.

Take some time out this summer to make your want list. If you'd like to learn more about turning your Wish into your Want, watch my workshop where I take you through the whole process - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RIWNob2EXU&t=25s

The sky's the limit and I'd love to hear what shows up for you!

PS. You can still blow the dandelion seeds!