Women ..Are they really empowered?

Women ..Are they really empowered?

written by: Ms. Reenu Sahore
by: Ms. Reenu Sahore
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Happy women's Day..❤

A lot of activities going around all over the world....so i decided to do what I do better... reflect on and share with you all my thoughts on what i observed back home as a women empowerment supporter, lately. Why??

Because last few years i have been involved with a few organisations for girl child education and women empowerment as and when possible.

I want to admit here that a lot has been done, lots of people have come forward without waiting for government grants and approvals to give back to the society and do their own bit, but there is so much more needs to be done ..whatever is done is not enough.

So decided to share my thoughts and observations....

If it would have been a piece of paper..and I would have been writing a story it should have been easier to bring changes but here we are talking about working with people's Mindsets which unquestionably is the most difficult thing to do.

I feel that women empowerment has to start from family upbringing. In India, the girls are mostly trained to do household chores than boys. This reflects mindset as if girls are the only one to keep the house clean and get going in the matters of house. Cooking food, paying bills, house cleaning, doing laundry are survival skills which ought to be taught to both boys and girls. It ought to be practiced by both in regular intervals. Just knowing something and not using does not help.

Many boys are raised by a notion that household work doesn't look good on men and hence, they do not prefer to do their own tasks like lifting their plates after meals, washing their utensils and cloths or cooking food or cleaning their bed etc. As a result, when they grow up, they want a domesticized wife who is into doing all this along with rearing children and if she can work well n fine. (Things are changing but too slow.)

As such rearing children is a full time job but everything adds to her plate from house cleaning, to cooking to many other chores that feeds the notion of 'loving wife'. I see this as an immense loss of economy to the nation and to the family when an educated women is restrained to do only house hold work and rear children. If household chores are shared, the women will have time to do justice to what they have studied and prefer to work part time (as such the part time options are also very few because of the structure that we operate in..again can't deny that it is coming up but too slow)).

We live in a country where women does most of the work ranging from the house hold chores, office work, giving birth and rearing children, taking care of in-laws, parents etc. This overburdens women. They start feeling slaves to men in their marriages rather than feeling partners.

The culture also promotes this which we celebrate it proudly. The mothers will do all sacrifices possible for her children, particularly more for a male child. Followed by the wife, who would do anything for the husband on the name of love. And the cycle continues without any women empowerment.

The empowerment is in equality of knowledge, equality of economy, equality of health , equality of education and income, equality of profession and higher position.

Therefore, I stress, the family is first point of intervention for all gender education. Then comes macro government structures- like schools, colleges, universities, various government departments etc where they seriously need to look for gaps that brings down women empowerment.

The famous government policy beti bachoo beti padhavo needs to revisited in the context of series of services that women avails from a society. From buying sanitary pad to bindi to cloths, everything is damn expensive than boys/male material including something simple as hair cut to face cream. Women's hair cut and man's hair cut. How do we expect women empowerment when there is so much of economic gap in the services that women avail from a society as compared to men. Girls and women are seen as costly affair and therefore, killed in womb. The women are seen as either object of entrainment or service and not human being as good as man. This perception have to be changed which is a marker for women empowerment. And that can happen when we think empowerment in unilaterally.

In an office, if there is a woman who is going on maternity leave, her work is shared among the other employees rather than recruiting a new person on temporary basis, which creates doing extra work...so who would like women empowerment which overburdens.

And all the while men saw mothers and wives doing sacrifices, can they really think about women empowerment leaving their luxuries and services that they enjoy??. A difficult proposition....isn't it.

Today I want to share this with all the women across the world to remember,

"Success is doing what you want to do, when you want, where you want, with whom you want and as much as you want" not forgetting that when the going gets TOUGH, the TOUGH get going.

written by: Ms. Reenu Sahore

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