Wonder of Wonders Miracle of Miracles!

Wonder of Wonders Miracle of Miracles!

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Living room Living room

It's Saturday night, I've been hard at it much of the day preparing my home for sale, letting go, looking so closely at every view, every special nook and cranny that has been my grounding and home for three years. It's been a wonderful, magic, blessed place I've loved well and know I'll remember it fondly as I look back in years to come.

When I decided now is the time to own my palace and bought here 3 years ago it was all I could have hoped for and more. What I'd been mocking up for years. The reality of parenting this far out in the country with 3 manicured acres, a lovely little cottage, zen garden, play yard, as much outdoor as indoor living space, waterfall, koi pond, 65 trees, septic and propane as well as a 30-minute drive one way to anything, begins to make this magical place a wonderful home for the next owners, and for us a new construction home on a cul de sac, with kids in every house on the block in Southern California close to everything, a dream come true.

Our miracles change. Getting into this palace, was a complete miracle. Now, with other bidders, the real estate agent promised me he'd let me know before the others when the lot was released. He looked me in the eye and told me I would be a very welcome addition to the neighborhood. True to his word, called me, and helped me get into contract, for about 300k less than what I was expecting. The lot wasn't supposed to come available yet: he said sometime between March and May. And so here I am again, preparing for a move to my dream home, the perfect place to raise my growing family. Our new miracle, happening yet again in grace and ease.

I feels like I have had every emotion in the book the past couple weeks, I'm exhausted and collapse into my bed every night after the balancing act of the academy and classes, little missy and teething, packing and cleaning, and all the paperwork that goes along with such a big life change.

As I reflect on my life, the big things, the shifts and changes that define the key points in my life, were very blessed, and also hard work. This home and the land it is on when I moved in was cursed and filled with demons. (literally) The floors would send stabbing pain up my legs. After 3 weeks of that I talked to the floors and said you have to stop this and that begin the healing. The trees were angry and would send toxic pollen, I could barely breathe or open my eyes, and I helped them heal from the traumas they'd endured and now their pollens are mild and friendly. The house is sad to see us go but excited for the new family coming. It will attract a lucky family or couple who will enjoy this home for many, many years to come and I feel so good about the dramatic transformation I'm leaving behind.

I remember around age 32 learning to will myself to be a blessing to my environment. It is my commitment and my way of life.