Yoga For The Modern Lifestyle Being

Yoga For The Modern Lifestyle Being

written by: Mr. Harishh E
by: Mr. Harishh E
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In this information era which surpassed the industrial era in terms of the huge employment generated for the population across all the sectors in the world. This has lead to massive change in the way people do the jobs. The mechanized labor intensive jobs of industrial era transformed into sophisticated automated blue collar jobs.

The jobs are transformed into more of a sitting and powerful execution of ideas with the touch of a button through the automation of hardware and software programming built into virtually every device on this planet.

This has created massive affluence in the world across all the countries. This led to the high standard's of living for the all the populations.People now have access to good education, high standard jobs that pay exceptionally well, access to better healthcare and also access to food and entertainment of all kinds and thereby led to increased comforts with minimum human effort and maximum automation.

Information Explosion and Externalization

This also has created an information explosion.They now have petabytes of information in front of their eyes through the internet.This led to information explosion, across their senses 24/7.This information explosion and massive automation had forced people to sit and operate anything with no movement thus minimizing the bodily movements.

As a result, the society progressed outwardly more and more towards the external pleasures and stimulations, but they ignored their health and particularly their inner well-being.

Externally they are rich by having everything that they deserved. In the pursuit of external's they have ignored their health and are now internally being in the state of chao's in the form of poor psychological state and physical health disorders.

So what's the solution to this widespread inner disharmony, the only way to overcome this inner disharmony is through the Indian ancient system of the body-mind discipline known as "Yoga".

So what's the significance of this this ancient body-mind-soul practice?? So what's the purpose behind this practice? Who has discovered this practice and who can practice this? What's the benefits of this? Do you want to know further about this practice then read below.

Definition of yoga In Sanskrit word yuj, which means "to join or to yoke", "union or Connection". Yoga in simple terms means uniting the body and the mind with the soul. Yoga is a 5000 year old Indian body of knowledge. Yoga is a practical approach to the harmony of the body mind and spirit.

Patanjali definition of Yoga The great sage Patanjali, in the system of Raja Yoga, gave one of the best definitions of yoga. He said, 'Yoga is the blocking (nirodha) of mental modifications (chitta vritti) so that the seer (drashta) re-identifies with the (higher) Self.

Yoga according to Bhagawadgita Samatvam Yoga Ucchyate – Equanimity of mind is yoga. Yogaha karmasu kausalam – Yoga is skill in action. Eight Limbs of Yoga: 1. Yama(Five Abstentions): Ethical conduct towards others. Ahimsa(Non-violence to living beings), Satya(truthfulness), Asteya (non-stealing),Brahmacharya(Celibacy, fidelity to one's partner), and Aparigraha(non-possessiveness). 2. Niyama(Five Observances): Ethical conduct towards self.Sauca(Purity),Santosa(contentment), Tapas(persistent meditation),Svadhyaya(Study of self, self-reflection) and Ishvara-pranidhana(contemplation of God/Supreme Being/True Self). 3. Asana: Yoga postures whose aim is to control the body. 4. Pranayama: Prāna, breath, "āyāma", to restrain or stop. Breathing exercises to control the mind. 5. Pratyahara: Withdrawal of the sense organs from external objects. 6. Dharana: Fixing the attention on a single object. 7. Dhyana: Effortless focussing of the nature of the object of meditation. 8. Samadhi: Uninterrupted contemplation on the nature of reality.

Core Elements of Yoga Benefits of Yoga

  • Asanas – Postures
  • Pranayama – Breathing exercises
  • Meditation or Dhyana
  • Kriyas – Cleansing processes

The regular and consistent practise has multitude of benefits. It affects the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layer of the being.Some of them are.

Physical – Mental or Emotional –

  • Increases the energy and vitality of the body mind
  • Calms the nervous system and promotes the nervous system relaxation
  • Reduces or even eliminates pain both acute and chronic
  • Aids and improves digestion and elimination processes.
  • Lowers the stress levels, improves the mood and also helps to detoxify the body.
  • Improves the posture, maintains the spinal flexibility and health thereby improve the spinal curvature

1) Promotes and increases the experience of relaxation.

2) Promotes a deeper appreciation for the present moment or mindfulness

3) Decreases the feelings of loneliness by connecting to oneself at the deepest levels

4) Promotes greater mind control and control over the thoughts

5) Increase the sense of emotional healing and well-being

6) Reduces the symptoms of anxiety and depression

Spiritual –

1) Encourages self-knowledge.

2) Increases ability to manifest positive experiences in daily life.

3) Discovery or connection with one's sense of purpose or meaning in life.

4) Creates a sense of being more in-tune with one's inner consciousness.

5) Leads to a greater sense of connectedness to others and the world.