Your Last Day on Earth

Your Last Day on Earth

written by: Dr. Paul Haider
by: Dr. Paul Haider
Heaven Heaven

What would you do on your last day on earth? What would you do with those last 24 hours? What would be important to you when you got down to the last few minutes of your life? Take a moment and think about it.

Sometimes we are so busy that we forget what we feel deep down inside is important to us. We get into a busy schedule and rush here and there and do everything we think is important. Yet is any of it important? That's the big question.

So I ask you if you were going to die tomorrow what would you do with your last 24 hours? What would you do with your 60 minutes? These are important questions that need to be addressed— but most people never think about these questions because it makes them feel mortal.

Myself, I would surround myself with lots of family, lots of friends, lots of loved ones and lots of people that I know and love deeply. We would laugh, and tell jokes, and have fun— because I will be making my final transition across the veil.

And in those final hours, I would have the name of God on my mind 24/7 for the most important thing for me would be being One with God. Everything else will pass away, but when I move towards the light the only thing that matters is Great Spirit.

Most people start crying, that's because they miss the ones they leave behind, and those left behind will miss the one passing over to the other side. But it's not goodbye— it's "See You Later" for we will see our loved ones again on the other side of the veil. All those that mean something to us, all those we love, all those that we care about, and all those who are important to us will sooner or later be with us.

So it's time to rejoice, time to awaken, this is only a dream we live in— the other side of the veil is our true reality. Once we have that firmly instilled in our mind and know it deeply then nothing will detour us from passing to the other side of the veil with a smile on our face. Moving to the next great adventure, moving into the state of collective consciousness and all knowing oneness.

Bathed in the amazing light of love and bliss, knowing without a doubt that we are loved and cared for unconditionally.

So I ask you, what would you do with those last 24 hours before you passed away— over into the light of love?

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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