Your Potential

Your Potential

written by: Mark Janssen
by: Mark Janssen

This is a life of incredible potential.

Your potential. Because your life is all about you. It is about you growing and evolving from the person you were told you must be to the person you decided to be. You decided to be the real you long before you were born. At a time when you were growing at a fantastic rate. At a time you were physically developing into a human form.

So long as we want it and are willing to put in the work, we are always evolving. Not merely our outside, physical selves. Our souls and spirits grow.

Precisely as we lose the outside form of an infant or a child, throughout our adult lives we have the opportunities to evolve. It's very normal for other adults to question us on our decisions. Why have we done what we have done? What do we hope to accomplish? What are our goals?

Nobody ever tells us it's okay not to be able to verbalize those goals. We are expected to perform on command, like a circus monkey.

My goal is to be the best mystic, the best searcher after the mysteries of the divine, that I can possibly be. This has been my primary goal for most of my life. It's not as popular as top quarterback of the NFL or captain of cyber industry. Politicians are probably more popular. It's considered a crazy, out there thing to have as a goal.

It's not all that tricky to figure out why. Anything having to do with spirit and spirituality is no longer considered normal or mainstream. Five or six hundred years ago it was fine. In the twenty-first century it's way off the beaten track.

I have long since learned to accept the fact that I am not weird, eccentric or strange.

I am on a mission. I am on the mission to reach my full potential. To reach my full potential, I must step away from what others expect to do what is right. What is right for me. What is right for continuing to become the person I am supposed to be rather than the person I am told I am supposed to be.

Over the years I have met factory workers and medical personnel on a similar path. Men and women looking at the extraordinary in the ordinary, whatever jobs they might hold. Men and women who live spiritually extraordinary lives that are not at all obvious to the world at large.

Our individual and joint miracle of personal potential is in reaching out beyond ourselves. Reaching for what is so very much more than we could imagine.

Reaching for the wind.

Whatever sort of true, deep inner potential one wishes to reach can be reached. It is a matter of stepping—sometimes quite literally—out of our own way.

We are presented with countless opportunities daily to use our potential in reaching our goal. We don't need to appear over-achievers. We don't need to be the best in town or even the best in town at one particular thing. We need to be our best selves. We need to be willing to dig deep.

We need to let go of self-constraints to reach the divine.

written by: Mark Janssen

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