Your Powerful Start to 2019 Fortifying Wealth, Blueprint Knowledge + Great Lung

Your Powerful Start to 2019 Fortifying Wealth, Blueprint Knowledge + Great Lung

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Powerful start to 2019 Powerful start to 2019

There's a great sense of peace and happiness in our home today. Adelia's in the home stretch of a long winter break from school, and I know she's feeling joyful and secure as she's gotten lots of mommy/me time over the past couple of weeks. We had a glorious morning. Thanks to Grama Christine mentioning we were in for rains, we woke early, tidied up, ate a good breakfast and then bundled up and went for a walk up the mountain. We were about half way up when it started to sprinkle, so I headed back down, but it continued a light sprinkle for about 2 hours so we enjoyed the playtime all bundled up getting in some outdoor fun early. We've had a good downpour, Adelia surprised me and asked for a morning nap. I guess all that good fresh air was just the ticket for a long winter's nap all cozied in her wonderful princess bed.

Being in the know, having knowledge of the future, and of things hidden, can help you in many ways. Just as we made our early outing plans, bundled warm, and were able to enjoy outdoor time on a day we likely wouldn't have even ventured out happened because I had time to integrate the knowledge of a week of rain on it's way, making sure we did get the outdoor fun in, because it helps both Adelia and me feel happy and calm as well as balanced and joyful.

We've got some wonderful trainings upcoming, and as I've mentioned previously the order is exquisite, for helping you deeply understand and move through your quantum activations transformation with clarity, knowledge and skill.

I know in our recent trainings folks have requested I do a series of articles on helping you understand the charting system better. I'm also extremely excited to announce we're covering every aspect of the chart in specialized trainings in 2019.

Our first training about the charts is on Clearing Statements and the Nature of.

I'm going to give you a simple explanation for the 3 parts of the clearing statement, to master the deeper awareness I encourage you to enroll in the class.

What is a Clearing Statement?

Each clearing chart we do starts with a clearing statement. Once you know how to create a clearing statement, even if you don't know how to create a chart, you have a good strat to clearing any problem. The clearing statement has 3 aspect statements: (1) Right, Permission and Ability (2) To remove, disappear or have something or things transform, this reveals the heart of the issue to clear and creates the intention for the entire chart and (3) Removing the nature of the issue.

Where do right, permission and ability come from and why do I often not have one or all of these?

Right: This seems to be established after birth but within the first year of life, typically 3-8 months after birth definitely associated with the physical body related to the physical bodies that came before. Relates to the cultural standards on specific to gender and pecking order.

Permission: Go ahead agreement clearance to do, be or move forward. Largely from parents this has a lot to do with what they had permission to do. Also what they were able to accomplish and what they could not do, or believed they could not do.

Ability: Capability. faculty. talent. Your accumulated knowledge/talent/capacity from this and other lives. Includes power and aptitude.

I have a very detailed mapping chart of right, permission and ability you get when you attend the training that reveals all the deeper aspects of how these permissive types of issues are blocked and also how they are freed up using the quantum activations.

What is the Nature of and how does it influence the issue we are clearing?

The nature of is an overlying energetic negative influence that is permeating and ubiquitous. We refer to about 20 nature ofs when testing for clearing statement negative influencers. It's interesting, the nature of is often in the cellular body and affecting the quantum field.

I hope you will join us as we deep dive into clearing statements and the nature of in our training Creating Clearing Statements & The Nature Of, I know you'll learn a great deal in this fortifying training, and with this awareness you can begin to master the creation of clearings using the first and very important aspect of our full charting system!