Your Surroundings

Your Surroundings

written by: Jesse An Nichols George
by: Jesse An Nichols George
Your surroundings Your surroundings

How well do you know your surroundings? Have you really gotten to know what is in the town you live in? Do you only come and go without paying attention to what is there?

I just moved into a new area; and it has been a lot to take in. Unlike a lot of towns, it is not easy to get your bearings for directions because everything loops, curves, twists, and turns. Nothing seems to operate by "normal" logic as far as the layout goes.

When talking about this with a friend; he said to me "it is really important to get to know your surroundings". It hit me like a ton of bricks. So obvious, yes; and yes, I was planning on checking out some things on foot to get a better feel for things. However, it goes so much deeper than this.

Many times people never really get to know the area that they are in; and come and go just one way without any real attention to what is there. I remember one of my mentors from many years ago; used to have us regularly take different routes places, because it keeps the senses alert and alive and aware to what is in the surroundings. Knowing the shifts, changes, and what is in a place; gives us a wealth of information of how to function, the energy patterns that we are dealing with, the nature of the people, resources available to us, and so much more.

It also helps you to get to know people, and them you. I have always found doing this, can create some great opportunities; and things can emerge from the most unsuspecting places, in the most ordinary of conversations. Many doors have opened along the way from simply taking a leisurely stroll somewhere; just open to what shows up in the moment. This is because sometimes you will get information that has been put out there first; and sometimes that leads to opportunities that haven't become visible or even a thought until your presence is there.

In the realms of codes surroundings actually does NOT connect with the most favorable of energy patterns. It connects to danger, deception and unreliable friends. Sounds pretty ironic, given what I have just mentioned, right?

This is why it is all the more important to get to know them; because it helps you to know where the danger is, how to keep yourself self, and how to make wise choices. When we KNOW our surroundings we can divert the deception and maneuver with great wisdom. In a sense, like many things in life, it is as important to know the danger as much as the blessings. If we only look at the blessings, or only and the dangers; then we restrict and limit our ability to make wise choices and to work fully with the opportunities at hand.

In addition, it helps us to find others that can be a support or that we can enjoy connecting with; and to know those that we will do better not getting too involved with. When you take the time to talk with others, you will get the information that evades what your eyes can see; and you will learn more about who they really are as opposed to who they appear to be. I am so grateful for the reminder of the importance in getting to know my surroundings; and I look forward to regular explorations of what this place holds within it.

Checking out a place is the first thing that all animals do. They get to know every nook and cranny of their space; because they realize that their life may rely on what they know about it. They find the spaces that are safe, peaceful, active, etc.

What have you done to get to know your surroundings? How has this helped you? Do you regularly get reacquainted with your surroundings?

written by: Jesse An Nichols George

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