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197 Ways to Inspire Your Mate to Adore You "Without Buying Them a Mercedes"

197 Ways to Inspire Your Mate to Adore You
"Without Buying Them a Mercedes"
by Melody Milam Potter PhD
Book Description:

Download complete book for free at Don't we all want a lifetime with a mate who adores us? Here are all the paths to a happy relationship. Follow just one suggestion a week and enjoy years of joy in your partnership. 197 Ways is guaranteed to give you new ideas for recharging the excitement in your relationship by sharing, promoting, and re-experiencing the moments and feelings that made you fall in love. The book provides quick, easy techniques to rebuild the respect, love, and attraction your partner experiences with you. The results of these small actions manifest by replacing pain with pleasureable emotions that allow the relationship to grow. Work with your lover to follow the suggestions in this book, or work alone to turn the relationship into happiness for both of you.

About Melody Milam Potter PhD:

For 15 years I was a nurse and the last 30 years I have practiced as a clinical psychologist. I have areas of expertise in neuropsych development, PTSD, sports psychology, functional, environmental, and behavioral medicine, At present I am an author and have several books available on Amazon. I continue to work as a member of the VES Medical Advisory Board and a consultant of Veterans Evaluation Services. Download this complete book for free at Send interested others to to download the book for free.

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