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A Guide to Energetic Healing "From Clearing Trauma/Abuse to Raising Consciousness"

A Guide to Energetic Healing
"From Clearing Trauma/Abuse to Raising Consciousness"
by John Nelson
Book Description:

Every physical, emotional, or sexual exchange you have with another human being creates an energetic cord between you and “them.” It’s like quantum entanglement; your energy is connected to that experience and that person until you sever the cord. As these exchanges mount up, your energy body will become so tied up and depleted that you will open yourself to disease and accidents. The Toltec art of recapitulation, first introduced by Carlos Castaneda, which the author has practiced for thirty years, can help release these cords and reclaim this lost energy for your greater development. This is the aim of the second half of the book: to raise one’s consciousness and become fully integrated spiritual beings. This starts with further clearing and healing exercises from Yoga asanas and meditation to a body-base non-talk therapy to the Jungian balancing our four psychological functions. This leads the reader, or those cleared and ready and invited by the Goddess, to ignite the fire of kundalini and nurture its rise to higher and higher states of consciousness.

About John Nelson:

John Nelson is the author of novels “Starborn,” “Transformations,” and “Matrix of the Gods,” originally published by Hampton Roads Publishing, and “I, Human” published by Cosmic Egg. He authored the nonfiction book “The Magic Mirror,” which won the 2008 COVR Award as best book of the year and best divination system, and edited the anthology “Solstice Shift.” Nelson is a former editor with Hampton Roads Publishing, and was the editorial director of Bear & Company in the mid-1990s and Inner Ocean Publishing in early 2000s. He is the owner of Bookworks Ltd., where he edits fiction and nonfiction books for a variety of authors and publishers. This includes “The Sacred Promise” by Gary Schwartz, “The White House Doctor” by Dr. Connie Mariano, “The 12-Step Buddhist,” “Yoga and the Twelve-Step Path,” “The Buddha Speaks,” and “Bright Light” by Dee Wallace. With the publication of I, Human, Nelson has had articles published in major magazines about how technology can affect consciousness: New Age Journal online, “Is Technology Destroying Spirituality”; in Kindred Spirit, “The Singularity of Consciousness”; in New Dawn Magazine, “The Borg are Coming,” and “The Goddess in the Machine”; and in Mind Body Spirit, “Nature’s Path to Genius.”

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