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A Simple Guide to Exercise Safety "What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You"

A Simple Guide to Exercise Safety
"What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You"
by Dana Gore
Book Description:

A Simple Guide to Exercise Safety is the book you didn't realize you needed...until now. Whether looking to hire a personal trainer, join a gym or work-out on your own, there are certain things everyone needs to be mindful of when making these and numerous other decisions in regard to your fitness and nutrition agenda. Have you ever considered asking: - What's the difference between certified and QUALIFIED fitness professionals and how to distinguish the difference between the two? - Whose nutritional advice are you taking (or buying) and are they educated enough to dispense it? - What role does your family history play in your fitness program? - Do you have any contraindications to exercise (that you're aware of)? - To eat or not to eat before a workout? - What is an automated external defibrillator (AED) and what is it used for? Is there one in YOUR gym? Your residential community? - Why are warming up and cooling down extremely important? - If you are pregnant, are there certain conditions under which exercise is not advised? - What is a “special population” and are you in this category? Have any of these questions even crossed your mind? While exercise is capable of offering numerous benefits, believe it or not, there are hidden dangers that lurk beneath the surface that if left uncovered, could cause more harm than good. This book will help guide you toward making smart and educated decisions about your health and well-being. It comes equipped with: -Useful health factor tables -Injury prevention and procedures -Links that connect you to additional helpful information -Stories of unfortunate circumstances during exercise (the reason for the book) -Helpful resources -Examples of training done right -Philosophies designed to help inspire inner-peace and encourage personal responsibility -And much more Read this book before you decide on an exercise program. It could literally save your life. A Simple Guide to Exercise Safety…What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You.

About Dana Gore:

Dana Gore is a health and fitness professional, author, wellness coach and freelance writer, fascinated by human consciousness. She provides a practical and realistic approach to healthy living and self-awareness and is the creator of which is a blog dedicated to healthy living, creativity and personal development. It is her stated aim to provide guidance to the public about how to achieve optimal health in a safe and structured manner.

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