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AWAKE "The Purpose of Life and Why You Are Here"

"The Purpose of Life and Why You Are Here"
by Toni Reilly
Book Description:

In this book I share my stories and what I discovered through personal experiences; how I received clarity around my own challenges and how my beliefs and understanding of life emerged through my professional passion. Having facilitated thousands of people to recall past life memories or visit the soul life area where we are pure energy unrestricted by doctrines dictated by culture, society or religion, I can comprehend why we return in different bodies to live through encounters in life. I am delighted to have you to join me in discovering what life is all about. My hope is that it gives you a wonderful new perspective on yourself and the way of the world.

About Toni Reilly:

Toni Reilly is a best selling author, speaker, seminar leader and internationally recognised Regression Facilitator. As the Founder of Toni Reilly Institute she created SoulLifeā„¢ Coaching, Programs and Training, guiding thousands of clients worldwide with her unique, intuitive approach to personal transformation. Helping people embrace their innate intuition so they can achieve their dreams by overcoming emotional bruises, to live with purpose, confidence, love and healthy relationships.

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