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Brain & Body Fit After Forty "Moving from Intention to Results"

Brain & Body Fit After Forty
"Moving from Intention to Results"
by Patrick Streppel
Book Description:

"Brain & Body Fit After Forty" helps people on the threshold or in the midst of the second phase of their life to optimize their health, fitness, and quality of life with healthy nutrition, safe and effective exercising and establishing habits that support a healthy lifestyle. Studies show that 95 to 98% of the people who begin a fitness and weight loss program are back at the point they started within two years if not earlier. As a personal fitness trainer, I have seen too many people trying to change their life for the better by following the common recommendation “move more, eat less and just do it”. Even though it is a strategy that will never work for the vast majority, most people don’t know of another strategy, blame themselves and decide to push themselves harder to a point that they begin to use attack and punishment in an attempt to reach their goal. Most books about health and fitness tell people what to do and what to avoid but forget to help people filling the gap between knowing and doing, forget to tell them how to go from intention to results. My main motivation for writing this book was in the first place to stop people beating themselves up for not being able to achieve their health and fitness goals and providing them with insights and tools that incorporate the most overlooked component of a fitness and weight loss program to be successful; the mind. Aside from helping people to understand the changes that occur in the body during the various phases of life and giving them all the information they need to get and keep themselves healthy with proper nutrition and effective exercising, the book also explains the mental processes that are responsible for what we expect and believe, how we behave and that ultimately determine our look and feel and shape our life.

About Patrick Streppel:

Patrick Streppel built his life around creating experiences that open doors to personal growth that goes beyond mediocrity. Whether it was during the nearly ten months of his travels with his girlfriend and now his wife Denise on bicycles through parts of Southeast Asia and Europe, as real-estate broker in Amsterdam, or as owner and manager of a tourist business in The Netherlands, his aim has always been to go the extra mile for others and himself. Taking new pathways means choosing for experiences and challenges that are often unpredictable. Most of them are good and even beautiful, whereas others turn out to be serious obstacles. They are all part of the game. What those experiences and challenges have in common is that they shape you into the person you need to become to realize your dreams. Maintaining a positive and persistent mindset forms the key to overcoming challenges of any kind. You can deal with them, you always can. Problems and obstacles can only exist by the mercy of not having found the solution yet, which could be waiting just around the corner. Patrick currently lives with his family of five in Ontario, Canada where he operated from 2010 until 2016 a personal fitness training studio. Since 2017, after completing and publishing his book “Brain & Body Fit After Forty”, he began devoting his time fully to speaking at conferences and other events, and to coaching individuals. His mission is to share his knowledge with as many people as possible about how to regain and maintain a healthy body and mind to get the most out of life until the end of the line.

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