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The Optimist in You "An Optimism-Coaching Handbook"

The Optimist in You
"An Optimism-Coaching Handbook"
by Jessica J. Lockhart
Book Description:

Optimism really moves the world. If you lack the energy, the drive, the will or the motivation and would like to leave apathy and sadness behind, this book is for you. THE OPTIMIST IN YOU, AN OPTIMISM-COACHING HANDBOOK, gives you practical tools to regain your energy, joy, strength and happiness. Improve your quality of life, widen your worldview and enjoy a longer, happier and more successful life. Hold the reins to your life and reach the goals you choose. An authentic optimist never gives up and always finds ways forward. This manual gives you strategies to do likewise. Optimism is nurtured by common sense and logic. Several scientific studies have demonstrated on countless occasions that optimists live longer, healthier and more productive lives. At present, there are many companies that perform optimism assessments during their selection processes because they know that the real optimists contribute more to their company. True optimism does not idealize reality but perceives it objectively and then grows from it with firmness and decision. THE OPTIMIST IN YOU, AN OPTIMISM-COACHING HANDBOOK includes tools for immediate use that allow you to turn a depressed or melancholic mood into a cheerful, powerful and creative one. The book includes an assessment test to help you measure your real level of optimism and a method to measure your optimism in the different fields of life in order to identify which ones are empty and hollow. It also includes strategies and ideas to recover the longer-lasting optimism that helps you face life with hope and with a strong sense of personal power. Find out how to recover your old decisiveness and courage and start enjoying every sunrise again. This toolkit frees you while helping you take the first steps towards a happier, more rewarding life. THE OPTIMIST IN YOU, AN OPTIMISM-COACHING HANDBOOK brings you back to the joy of your early childhood and helps you look forward to every morning with the hope of receiving everything good in life and of reaching your goals and objectives. By applying its teachings, you will be free from sorrow and filled with a contagious energy that will spread around. Jessica J. Lockhart is a humanologist, author and international speaker. After surviving two car accidents that left her disabled and incapacitated for her profession as a simultaneous interpreter and doomed to use a wheelchair, she lost her natural optimism. After a dear friend made her realize that reality, she decided to recover her energy and will to fight and conquer all her daily goals. Today she is an icon of strength and improvement followed by thousands of people from all around the world. Her blog is followed from all corners and her lectures and workshops have helped many people regain their joy and happiness. Humanology displays a way of working that is deeply rooted in knowledge and experience. As a Humanologist, Jessica J. Lockhart proposes genuine, practical and easy to use solutions. THE OPTIMIST IN YOU, AN OPTIMISM-COACHING HANDBOOK is a set of techniques used in optimism coaching that helps its readers find the energy that life took from them. Optimism coaching is a very powerful emerging discipline. Discover it and recover your true optimism.

About Jessica J. Lockhart:

Jessica J. Lockhart is a humanologist (coach, mentor, linguist, writer, inspirational speaker and teacher...) whose optimism techniques and happiness approach to healing inspire thousands of people all around the world. Jessica J. Lockhart started what would become her third and most beloved professional career after having successfully worked as a teacher, simultaneous interpreter and translator and events organizer. As a result of two car accidents, Jessica J. Lockhart was in constant, acute pain for more than seven years. Every doctor told her she would need a wheelchair and constant care. One day she realized that she was not herself anymore and decided to recover the optimism she had lost to pain and sadness. She started coaching herself back to health and happiness. Based on her research, training and knowledge, Jessica founded OPTIMISM COACHING, a coaching method that returns optimism to those who lost it. Today, Jessica is fully mobile and active. Since then she's written books and blogs, taught and participated in events in different countries (Switzerland, Russia, Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil...) and coached people all over the world.

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