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Coaching for You "Reach Your Full Potential"

Coaching for You
"Reach Your Full Potential"
by Jessica J. Lockhart
Book Description:

COACHING FOR YOU is the life coaching bible designed for professionals and students, for anybody interested in coaching, for anyone wanting to grow as a human being, for anybody wanting to delve deeper into the concepts and tools of this discipline. Presented in a clear, simple, comprehensive way, COACHING FOR YOU presents all the key the concepts and tools of life coaching to help you reach your full potential as a human being and reach the freedom and happiness you seek.

About Jessica J. Lockhart:

Jessica J. Lockhart is a humanologist (coach, mentor, linguist, writer, inspirational speaker and teacher...) whose optimism techniques and happiness approach to healing inspire thousands of people all around the world. Jessica J. Lockhart started what would become her third and most beloved professional career after having successfully worked as a teacher, simultaneous interpreter and translator and events organizer. As a result of two car accidents, Jessica J. Lockhart was in constant, acute pain for more than seven years. Every doctor told her she would need a wheelchair and constant care. One day she realized that she was not herself anymore and decided to recover the optimism she had lost to pain and sadness. She started coaching herself back to health and happiness. Based on her research, training and knowledge, Jessica founded OPTIMISM COACHING, a coaching method that returns optimism to those who lost it. Today, Jessica is fully mobile and active. Since then she's written books and blogs, taught and participated in events in different countries (Switzerland, Russia, Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil...) and coached people all over the world.

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