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Compassionate Balance "Simple Everyday Practices for Discovering Peace of Mind and Resilience"

Compassionate Balance
"Simple Everyday Practices for Discovering Peace of Mind and Resilience"
by Amy Pattee Colvin
Book Description:

Does your mind ever bounce from one thing to another, affecting your ability to be productive or creative? Does your inner critic occasionally control your thoughts, reducing your capacity to be kind to yourself? Does your heart hang onto past resentments even though you’d like to let them go? At one time or another, all of us struggle with these challenges. In Cultivating Compassion, Amy Pattee Colvin leads readers through a step-by-step exploration of personal values and thought patterns. She offers guidance through inspirational themes, self-reflection questions, and suggestions for daily action. This practical guide helps you discover how to: · Move toward contentment and away from anxiety while reducing judgment and criticism of self and others. · Calm the mind and direct thoughts more positively while fostering deeper levels of serenity, resilience, and creativity. · Integrate mindfulness and self-compassion practices into everyday life while developing the courage to take compassionate action. If you are ready move away from criticism and judgment for self and others and want to embrace peace and acceptance; or if you’d like to move through and beyond depression and anxiety to discover resilience, creativity, and joy, then Cultivating Compassion is for you. Shifting your mindset to a perspective of self-acceptance and self-compassion has a positive impact not only on your own life, but on the lives of family, friends, and community.

About Amy Pattee Colvin:

Amy Pattee Colvin has practiced a blend of Taoist and Buddhist meditation since the mid-1990s. She facilitates meditation courses, and is a self-compassion coach. Her mission is to help people discover and cultivate acceptance and compassion for self and others, so that in turn, they can thrive in their chosen fields. Through the media of her courses, coaching, and this book, Amy offers practical tools and techniques for anyone interested in positive personal growth.

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